Mr Zeyad Tariq Shareef holds an MEng in Computer & Communication Engineering from the National University of Malaysia (2009).
Mr Zeyad joined Ahlia University in September 2014 as a Lecturer in the Computer & Engineering Department of the College of Engineering. He leads and teaches bachelor’s courses in computer, communication and telecommunication engineering. He has published several papers and supervised many graduation projects for undergraduate students in the area of Computer and Informatics Engineering. He is a member of the Iraqi Engineers Union and the Jordanian Engineers syndicate.


  1. Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Iraq, 7 July 2013
  2. Certificate of Recognition award for best topic proposal (2nd place) in the Seminar Workshop on Research Tools & Publications, 2 December 2011 at AMA International University, Bahrain
  3. Dean’s List Medal (commendation for excellent grade achievement), National University of Malaysia, June 2009
  4. Dean’s List Medal (commendation for excellent grade and top rank achievement in 2009/2010), National University of Malaysia, August 2009



  • Wireless communication and networking
  • Microcontroller based systems
  • Image processing


Mr. Zeyad Tariq Shareef Research


Mr Zeyad teaches the following courses in the area of computer and communication engineering to undergraduate students:    •

  • Computer Networks
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Computer Architecture and Organization
  • PC Interfacing and Microprocessors
  • Introduction to Computers and IT
  • MATLAB and Simulink
  • Logic Circuits


Mr Zeyad has supervised many graduation projects for undergraduate students in the area of computer and informatics engineering. The most recent project titles are listed below:

  • Smart Digital Document Capture
  • Lighting Control and Monitoring System
  • Home Automation and Security System
  • Students Attendance Monitoring System Using GSM Device
  • Microcontroller Based Monitoring and Control of Greenhouse Environment
  • Time Based Home Control System



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  5. Automated Meter Reading System Based on BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller, Mohammed A. Isa, Faisal A. Hasan, Zeyad T. Sharef, Maryam A. Toorani, and A. Rahman A. Yadgar (2012), Asian Journal of Scientific Research, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 88-97, ISSN 1992-1454, DOl: 10.3923/ajsr.2012.


  1. Performance Evaluation for WiMAX 802.16e OFDMA Physical Layer, Zeyad T. Sharef, Ammar E. Alaradi and Baraa T. Sharef (July 24-26, 2012), IEEE Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication systems, and Networks (CICSYN 2012), Phuket, Thailand, ISBN 978-0-7695-4821-0, DOI 10.1109/CICSyN.2012.71.