Model United Nations

Ahlia University

AUMUN is Ahlia University’s rendition of the Model United Nations. The club was created to introduce students to the operation and structure of the Model United Nations conferences and to provide them with the opportunity to actively learn about world cultures and debate issues of international importance.

The club serves as a delegation to formally represent Ahlia University in the local Bahrain Universities Model United Nations (BUMUN) conference as well as regional and international MUN conferences such as American University of Sharjah Model United Nations (AUSMUN) and Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN).

How It Functions

The club will normally hold two meetings per month in preparation for local and international conferences. The preparations will usually involve teaching students to research their assigned countries and topics to create their own research binder, practice writing resolutions, and engage in parliamentary procedures and debates. The meetings will often involve mock sessions simulating a MUN conference in preparation for the actual conference.

Skills You Will Gain

How Does it Work?

Participants of MUN are known as delegates. They prepare for local and international MUN conferences after being placed into one of the committees (principal bodies of the UN) and assigned a country to represent.

What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

Model United Nations or Model UN is an educational simulation of the United Nations. It serves as an extracurricular activity whereby students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and conflict resolution by acting as delegates at a MUN conference.

What Happens in an MUN Conference?

On the day of the conference, delegates debate their proposals with fellow delegates of their committee. After each session, all the delegates of a committee vote on written policies known as “draft resolutions”. A resolution will pass only after winning a majority vote.

At the end of a conference, the best-performing delegates in each committee or a delegation (a team of delegates representing a university) are recognised with various awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join AUMUN?

Any enrolled student at Ahlia University.

When does the club meet?

Meetings will be scheduled twice a month based on the best day and time for most club members.

Is there a cost?

No. There is no cost for becoming a member of the AUMUN club.

Do I require any prior knowledge?

Not at all. Many past students learnt through the experience of participating at MUN conferences only! Thus, AUMUN was created for a smoother preparation.

What to bring in club meetings?

It is recommended that members bring laptops, folders, pencils/pens, and highlighters.

Will club members participate in a conference?

Club members will prepare primarily for the local Bahrain Universities Model United Nations (BUMUN). However, each year a an AUMUN delegation consisting of the best delegates will be selected to take part in an international MUN conference such as Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN).

When is the conference?

Bahrain Universities Model United Nations (BUMUN) is typically held around November each year. Dates for international MUN conferences will be notified in club meetings.

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