Centre for Measurement & Evaluation

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Fatema Ebrahim

Director of Centre for Measurement & Evaluation

The responsibilities of the Centre for Measurement & Evaluation (CME) include the creation of policies, the generation of questionnaires and interview surveys, the distribution, collation and interpretation of the results of these questionnaires and any other forms of qualitative and quantitative measures that can help collect and produce data that are important to Ahlia University.

The Centre is monitoring the views of alumni and alumnae on the quality of their educational experiences at Ahlia University. Surveys is conducted to gauge the adequacy of the infrastructure, for pilot projects envisioned for the future and any other issues that the Management or the Centre Members view as noteworthy. The data is used for the purposes of improving the quality of teaching and learning, for the evaluation of faculty and staff (including self-assessment), and for gauging the opinions of the faculty and other employees on issues that the Management deems important. The Centre is supervised by an Academic Council consisting of seven members and chaired by Prof. Kailash Madan, Adviser to President for Measurement and Evaluation.


The mission of CME is to improve the quality of education and programs at Ahlia University through comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the services provided to Ahlia community (staff and students) and local public and private organizations. The Centre works closely with the centre for accreditation and quality assurance (CAQA) and is supervised by an Academic Council chaired by Prof. Kailash Madan, Adviser to President for Measurement and Evaluation.


The CME has two main roles:

  1. CME role is to develop and create all kinds of qualitative and quantitative tools for the collection, analysis and generation of summary reports of data relevant to the domain of teaching and learning as well as other areas needing feedback and input as specified by the Management of AU. 
  2. CME is also responsible for implementing the overall annual faculty evaluation which is based on multiple components including the online student evaluation, research, vice president’s evaluation, dean’s evaluation, chairperson’s evaluation, peer evaluation, and Centre of Accreditation and Quality Assurance evaluation.

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