Student Representation

Ahlia University

Student Council

One of Ahlia University priorities is to create the right means of communication between students and the management and give the students the right to express their opinions and to discuss their problems in a democratic manner. In order to achieve this noble objective, the university established the Student Council, which consists of members elected by their fellow students from different colleges.

  • Student Council membership normally lasts for one year.
  • The winners in the election elect the Student Council President and the heads of different
    Student Council committees.

The Student Council aims to achieve the following:

  • Develop students’ personalities from the academic, social, cultural, and national aspects.
  • Develop students’ leadership skills and allow them to freely express their views and opinions.
  • Develop students’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities within the university rules and regulations.
  • Support students activities in the fields of science, culture, social and sports, and therefore improve the students overall educational attainment.

Encourage the spirit of collaboration and team work between the students and create a strong bond between the students and the University faculty and staff.

Students’ contribution towards the development of better student services.

All full-time students have the right to be nominated for the membership of the Student Council
provided that they meet the following criteria:

Must be a full-time student within the college he\she will represent.

Must be of good behavior and conduct.

Have successfully completed at least 30 credit-hours.

Must have a minimum CGPA of 2:00.

The elected Student Council members must register for at least 12 credit-hours for every academic
semester, apart from the summer session and he graduating semester.

Students can run for membership in the Student Council twice, throughout their study duration.

Directorate of Student Service Activates

Deanship of Student Affairs

Welcome to the Ahlia University, where academic success begins!

I would like to congratulate you for the choice you have made by joining a wonderful educational

The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) is the place where you embark your academic journey and is
your partner in your quest to reach your academic goals. Our devoted faculty and staff are
committed to providing help and support to resolve any problems that may arise as you pursue your

The DSA offers various services which aim at creating an integrated educational experience to
support our students in their personal and academic growth and development. The deanship
focuses on enhancing the students’ experience by giving them the opportunity to exercise
leadership, network and engage in community services. In addition, the deanship provides
extracurricular activities that complement the students’ learning experience. We encourage each
student to take the opportunity to engage in these activities.

The DSA is supported by a unique integrated admission, registration and student information
management system (ADREG). This system helps students, faculty and staff track and manage the
educational process. We encourage you to spend time learning and exploring the various functions
that are provided by the ADREG system.

Your success matters to us and we are here to help you reach your ultimate educational goals and
realize your utmost potential. I wish you a very pleasant and conducive learning experience at Ahlia

Deanship Student Affairs


The deanship of student affairs envisions to become a leading center of academic excellence by providing the highest quality services to students to develop their personal, social, and intellectual ability.


To provide integrated admission, registration and student support system using the latest technology that will help students achieve their educational goals while maintaining and safeguarding the integrity of their academic record. We strive to prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow and become active citizens who contribute to the development of the society.

Goals and Objectives

  • Ease the process of student admission and registration using an efficient and user- friendly computerized system.
  • Ensure academic integrity and confidentiality of students and graduates’ records in a secure
    high-quality database system.
  • To provide quality, timely guidance and support service to students in the processing and
    awarding of degrees.
  • Ensure consistent interpretation and compliance of academic policies and procedures in
    accordance with academic norms and HEC guidelines.
  • Engage students in extracurricular activities to develop a range of skills and attributes that
    will positively impact students’ social, intellectual and inter-personal skills.
  • Establish collaborations and partnerships with governmental and private institutions to
    enhance our internship placement opportunities.
  • Support the role of the faculty advisors by providing effective tracking process to students’
    progress toward graduation.
  • Provide counselling support for students to enhance the overall well-being of students.
  • To enrich the alumni experience, foster beneficial relationships and promote positive
    lifelong relationships between Ahlia and its alumni.
  • Help students explore, select and pursue meaningful careers by promoting personal
    development and empowerment.

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