As part of Ahlia University’s vision and mission, our aim is to produce top level graduates through high quality teaching. AU has formed a Centre for Accreditation and Quality Assurance (CAQA) to fulfil the mission, vision, and goals of AU towards achieving excellence in the quality of our student learning, teaching and research. In anticipation, the Centre strives to ensure that the education offered by AU meets national and international standards through a policy of continuous improvement.

The CAQA was formed with the responsibility of planning, developing, implementing, and managing quality assurance standards across AU. It is also responsible for assuring the implementation of all the necessary plans and policies to meet the requirements for accreditation of the programmes of AU. CAQA works closely in cooperation with all other existing Centres and Committees of AU, one of which is Institutional Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee (IAQAC) and Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee (TLAC).

The CAQA has established an Internal Quality Management System that insures quality assurance standards are being applied across the University in all the academic and administrative operations. The Internal Quality Management System has enabled AU to fulfil its vision and mission and is measured by the satisfaction rate of the identified stakeholder’s such as alumni, students and employers of AU Graduates as well the number of students employed in the national market.

With the high level of support given to the quality assurance operations at AU, the CAQA team works to ensure the programmes are up-to-date and are of the highest academic standards. The implementation of policies and procedures includes feedback obtained from stakeholder’s such as external advisory board members alongside conducting market need analysis.


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