Directorate of Strategic Planning


President Assistant for QA & Planning / Assistant Professor - College of Business & Finance - Management & Marketing Dept.

Mr. Gowrishankar Srinivasan

Director of Strategic Planning Directorate


The definitive purpose of the Strategic Planning Directorate is to drive forward the Ahlia University Strategic Plan (2016-2020) through various monitoring and regular evaluation of cascaded operations at multiple levels. The strategic planning Directorate maintains records of level of implementation of performance measures and annual targets, the records are analyzed for decision making at governance level.

The strategic planning Directorate reports to the President through President Assistant for Quality Assurance and planning. The reports generated by the directorates are forwarded to University Strategic Planning Committee (USPC) for further review and decision making.

The Strategic Planning Directorate is responsible for:

  • Having oversight of the Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020
  • Leading on the co-ordination of planning, setting of performance measures using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) outlined in the strategic plan
  • Facilitating business planning and external and internal performance monitoring
  • Supporting the President and Top Management in relation to strategy, policy, strategic planning and governance
  • Obtaining, developing and analysing management information to enable the University Council and top management to make informed decisions
  • Supporting on University-wide governance matters
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations of Higher Education Council, Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain