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Sustainability in Education

One of the strategic objectives of Ahlia University is to create an exceptional learning environment characterized by high quality academic and co-curricular programs, excellent and innovative teaching, to prepare students for success in the global labor market and to contribute to the prosperity of society.

The University ensures sustainability in education by focusing on the learning process which includes themes such as citizenship, leadership, lifelong learning, experiential learning, and sustainability literacy.

The University provides many sustainability-related courses in which students are exposed to sustainability in various fields. Ahlia University provides an active student-centered learning environment in which sustainability is also actively supported.

Students learn together and from each other, in and out of the classroom, to become critical and engaged citizens. Concepts of and strategies for sustainability are integrated into AU programming, pedagogy and assessment, equipping the students and staff with the skills, values, experiences, and perspectives to address the current real-life challenges. The University providse a range of teaching and learning strategies including internships that provide students with opportunities to enhance their employability and which fosters lifelong learning.

In the light of its vision, values and the goals and strategic objectives, AU has a clearly articulated philosophy regarding teaching and learning. AU’s philosophy of teaching and learning is composed of two central ideas:

To provide a learner-centred environment that promotes excellence, intellectual curiosity and
independent learners

provide a transformative learning experience so that graduates not only have the knowledge, skills and competencies required by their disciplines but have developed the attributes to be robust engaged members of society with a strong moral code.

Sustainability in Education

Sustainability in Governance and Administration

Sustainability in governance and administration addresses how we run the university in terms of human resources, finance, decision-making and process implementation. The way we function as an institution and a community supports our commitment to sustainability and all decisions at AU are made and implemented with a sustainable future in mind. The commitment of the University to sustainability is demonstrated through the following policies: the Sustainability Policy, Environmental Policy, and Paper Use Policy, all of which have helped to change the way the University is governed and administered.

University Policy on Sustainability

The University Mission will be attained responsibly by carrying out its activities in a manner that
achieves a balance between the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability.
Ahlia University works towards the advancement of learning through teaching, scholarship and
service to society. This is accomplished by offering the best education to our outstanding students,
by carrying out excellent scholarly activities based on international standards, and by providing
service to society in all possible ways for which we are well-suited by virtue of our academic

Ahlia University aspires to achieve the highest possible standards of sustainability on its campus and in its day-to-day academic activities, practices and operations, and by its outreach to the broader community. The University strives to be a leader in education and research that creates and communicates the knowledge required for humans to live sustainably at the local, regional and global community. Our goal is to become an institutional model of sustainability for society in the GCC as we pursue our academic mission and play a positive and proactive role in communicating the rationale and need to develop and implement sustainable practices in the broader community

For this purpose, the University will:

  • Encourage economic efficiencies in the University’s operations that are consistent with social equity and respect for the environment;
  • Undertake its activities and operations in a manner that strikes an appropriate balance between the needs and aspirations of current and future generations;
  • Minimize the use and consumption of energy and material resources in recognition of the finite
    capacity of the biosphere to accommodate human activities.
  • Promote a healthy, safe and productive work and learning environment for the AU community;
  • Advance individual and collective efforts and accountabilities throughout the AU community to
    make sustainability a priority in the life of the University;
  • Share knowledge to stimulate innovation, raise awareness and ensure effective participation of the AU community in the implementation of sustainable practices;
  • Identify and conserve the cultural and natural heritage of AU, including properties, traditions and knowledge;


Sustainability in Governance and Administration


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