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Mr. salah khalifa

Mr. Salah Khalifa

Director of Ahlia Centre for Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Ahlia Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE). Whether you are student, freelancer, investor, entrepreneur or considering to be an entrepreneur, we welcome you to our entrepreneurship center.

Ahlia Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) was established in February 2017, as an initiative to support and promote entrepreneurship at Ahlia University (AU) and the Bahraini community at large. ACE is intended to play a strategic role in promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in Bahrain and create a new breed of youth and entrepreneurs who aspire to have a positive and lasting impact on their society. Accordingly, ACE aims to support the creation of new companies that add substantial job, and bring extra incomes and revenues to the Bahraini economy. To achieve this goal, the Center provides programs and activities which enhance the entrepreneurial learning at Ahlia University and expand the students’ knowledge of business creation and opportunity recognition.

You are always welcome to join us and benefit from our activities and events at the Centre. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.


Ahlia Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) aspires to become a purposeful center that encourages students to become entrepreneurs and continuous support other entrepreneurs by providing professional skills.


Our mission is to equip students and entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial knowledge, critical skills and tools necessary to identify new business opportunities; transform them into start-ups; and to provide relevant and focused support to grow them in their business.

The main goals of Ahlia Center for Entrepreneurship are the following:


Ahlia Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) attempts to conduct activities in order to widen the students’knowledge of entrepreneurship, inspire them to think and act entrepreneurially, educate them through new learning styles, in addition to connecting embryonic entrepreneurs with the successful fellows in this fieldwork.


The aim of the workshops held at the center is to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among participants. Indeed, these workshops provide good opportunities for the trainees to explore their inner entrepreneurs while engaged in entrepreneurial discussions and activities.


Training sessions will be conducted by the center trainers’ applying the knowledge gained from the Entrepreneurship and Leadership CIPE (Center of International Private Enterprises, UAS) Workshop’s using the CIPE-WDI curricula.

Best Business Idea Competitions

As part of ACE activities, several competitions of the best business idea have been organized. Groups of students compete along the semester to get the prize of the best business idea. The competition comprises 3 phases:

Outside Visits

As part of the center’s activities, groups of students visit incubator centers and accelerators. These visits give the students a good overview about the services offered by the incubators and accelerators to novice entrepreneurs.

Activities proposed for the next two years 2023/2024

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