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Deanship of Student Affairs

Welcome to the Ahlia University, where academic success begins!

I would like to congratulate you for the choice you have made by joining a wonderful educational institution.
The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) is the place where you embark your academic journey and is your partner in your quest to reach your academic goals.  Our devoted faculty and staff are committed to providing help and support to resolve any problems that may arise as you pursue your degree.
The DSA offers various services which aim at creating an integrated educational experience to support our students in their personal and academic growth and development. The deanship focuses on enhancing the students’ experience by giving them the opportunity to exercise leadership, network and engage in community services. In addition, the deanship provides extracurricular activities that complement the students’ learning experience. We encourage each student to take the opportunity to engage in these activities.
The DSA is supported by a unique integrated admission, registration and student information management system (ADREG).  This system helps students, faculty and staff track and manage the educational process. We encourage you to spend time learning and exploring the various functions that are provided by the ADREG system.
Your success matters to us and we are here to help you reach your ultimate educational goals and realize your utmost potential. I wish you a very pleasant and conducive learning experience at Ahlia University.

Our Vision

The deanship of student affairs envisions to become a leading center of academic excellence by providing the highest quality services to students to develop their personal, social, and intellectual ability.

Our Mission

Goals and Objectives

  1. Ease the process of student admission and registration using an efficient and user-friendly computerized system.
  2. Ensure academic integrity and confidentiality of students and graduates’ records in a secure high-quality database system
  3. To provide quality, timely guidance and support service to students in the processing and awarding of degrees.
  4. Ensure consistent interpretation and compliance of academic policies and procedures in accordance with academic norms and HEC guidelines.
  5. Engage students in extracurricular activities to develop a range of skills and attributes that will positively impact students’ social, intellectual and inter-personal skills.
  6. Establish collaborations and partnerships with governmental and private institutions to enhance our internship placement opportunities.
  7. Support the role of the faculty advisors by providing effective tracking process to students’ progress toward graduation.
  8. Provide counselling support for students to enhance the overall well-being of students.
  9. To enrich the alumni experience, foster beneficial relationships and promote positive lifelong relationships between Ahlia and its alumni.
  10. Help students explore, select and pursue meaningful careers by promoting personal development and empowerment.

Student Complaint

All students at Ahlia University have access to a fair complaints system whereby students can file any enquiry, request or complaint they have into ADREG system.

The Inquiry/complaint system is monitored and managed on a daily basis by the Head of Dean’s office who works as a liaison between student, relevant faculty/staff members and the Dean of student Affairs.

Students may send their complaints to the Deanship of Student Affairs using the following link.

Contact Details:
Mrs. Fadheela Ahmed
Email: fkadhim@ahlia.edu.bh
Tel: 17298963

Non Retaliation Policy

Ahlia strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against any employee or student who in good faith makes a complaint, raises a concern, provides information or otherwise assists in an investigation or proceeding regarding any conduct that her or she reasonably believes to be in violation of Ahlia’s Code of Conduct or policies, or applicable laws, rules or regulations.

No employee or student should be discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed, intimidated, coerced, or retaliated against in any other manner as a result of him or her making a good faith complaint or assisting in the handling or investigation of a good faith complaint. Ahlia prohibits employees or students from being retaliated against even if their complaints are proven unfounded by an investigation, unless the employee or student knowingly made a false allegation, provided false or misleading information in the course of an investigation, or otherwise acted in bad faith. Employees and students have an obligation to participate in good faith in any internal investigation of retaliation.

Ahlia takes all complaints of retaliation very seriously. All such complaints will be reviewed promptly and, where appropriate, investigated.

If you believe you have been retaliated against or that any other violation of this policy has occurred, or if you have questions concerning this policy, you must immediately notify Human Resources, or your immediate supervisor/advisor. You may also contact the Unit of Legal Affairs and Compliance.

Any employee or student who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary actions.

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