Equal Opportunity

Ahlia University
Since inception, Ahlia University has championed equal opportunity and women empowerment. This is manifest in the University’s core values: Excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, collegiality, ambition, and engagement.

What do we do about inclusiveness?

We champion inclusivity, diversity, and equity both within and outside the institution. We strive to mainstream the principle of equal opportunity in all our operations, and in relation to all stakeholders.

In 2017, Ahlia University established an Equal Opportunity Committee as part of the university’s formal governance structure. The committee is chaired by the President and oversees/advises on all issues relating to the principle of equal opportunity.

EOC Purpose

To mainstream the culture and practice of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity across the University in line with the Bahrain Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goal 5.

Equal Opportunity Committee

EOC Membership

EOC Current Members

Prof. Mansoor Alali

Prof. Mansoor Alaali

President (Chairperson)

Prof. Bakr Hassan

Senior Advisor for Academic Affairs

Dr. Faisal Al Showaikh

Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. Thaira Alshirawi

President Assistant of Media, Marketing and Public Relations

Mr. Ammar Al-Hawaj

Executive Director for Communications and International Relations

Ms. Luma Jassim

Director of Human Resources, Committee Secretary

Dr. May Al Saffar

Female Faculty Representatives

Dr. Hooreiya Abbas

Female Faculty Representatives

Ms. Maryam Althawadi

Female Faculty Representatives

2016-2020 Equal Opportunity Plan

Equal Opportunity Plan Aims

Empowering Women Facts & Figures

In line with our core values, from inclusiveness to integrity, the Equal Opportunity Committee at Ahlia University has recently conducted a self-evaluation exercise in relation to women empowerment and equal opportunity at the University.

The results published cover the period 2016-20, in line with the former institutional strategic plan 2016-20.

We look forward to achieving new milestones as we work to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and continue our efforts to mainstream the principle of equal opportunity throughout the university and beyond.

WTUN Gender Equality Pledge

As a founding member of the World Technology Universities Network, Ahlia University is proud of playing a key role in the development of a gender equality pledge for the network of 20+ members from across the World.


Partnership Platform United Nations Sustainability Initiative

Ahlia University (AU) considers social responsibility and sustainability to be cornerstones of all university operations and strategies. Sustainability, in particular, is embedded across the entire university Strategic Plan 2021-25, covering all core functions from teaching-learning, research, to community. AU is committed to working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through knowledge discover and dissemination in various research domains including quality education, equal opportunities and sustainable growth. We aim to inculcate and integrate SDG concepts in all our curriculua and programmatic provision. In order to create a substantive and meaningful impact, Ahlia welcomes partnership with national and international organisations tackling UNSDGs.

To find out more about Ahlia’s progress on actions related to UNSDGs, visit our page on the United Nations Partnership Platform.