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Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030, Higher Education Institutions plays a vital role in promoting and achieving these Goals. In line with Ahlia University (AU) initiative to contribute towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), AU considers Social Responsibility and Sustainability as part of its prioritized strategies that is embedded in its core functions including teaching, research and community. The University is committed to contribute and work towards UNSDGs through encouragement of research in various research areas such as quality education, equal opportunities and sustainable growth. In order to create a recognized impact AU promotes partnership with national and international organizations tackling UNSDGs.

AU has listed its commitment towards UNSGDs in UN Partnership Platform as leading Private Higher Education in Bahrain.

Sustainable Development Goals


SDGs commitment

AU developed Sustainable Development Plan (2021-2025), the plan is developed to reflect AU’s commitment towards UNSDGs and to contribute to National Strategies as well as International Standards.

This plan is committed to contribute to national strategies and Initiatives (2030) and create an impact at National, Regional and International Level for sustainable future for our next generations.

The plan is focused on 7 SDGs as a priority, AU carefully selected the 7 SDGs with assurance of its relationships with national strategies and government directions, AU emphasis on Quality Education and providing a sustainable future for all and promotes UNSDGs to be part of its core functions, teaching and learning, research as well as community

Ahlia University Sustainability Policy

Ahlia University seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of its community through promoting the following sustainable practices:

  1. Encourage academic faculty and students to publish research covering a wide range of sustainability aspects.
  2. Encourage the use of recycled long life building materials in construction, renovation and refurbishment work.
  3. Commit to reducing campus electricity consumption by using electric timers, heat insulations and purchasing low electrical consumption devices.
  4. Encourage staff and students to enhance food consumption habits to healthy habits mitigating health risks and unnecessary food waste.
  5. Collaborate with society to recycle unnecessary materials considered as garbage waste.
  6. Participate in the Annual Earth Day and encourage students to attend sustainable activities.
  7. Commit to using renewable energy.
  8. Commit to using bio friendly cleaning materials.
  9. Commit to upgrading its operation system to go digital.
  10. Collaborate with society to encourage the protection of natural wildlife environment.


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