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As part of its teaching and learning strategy, Ahlia University has developed a policy and comprehensive guidelines and procedures to link the teaching and learning process with practical training where appropriate. All of Ahlia’s undergraduate programmes have an internship course known as INTR XXX, which is a 3 credit hour course. After completing 90 or more credits, students are given the choice of either undertaking the INTR XXX course, or replace this course with two other core elective courses. In the case of the Physiotherapy programme, the internship training is embedded in the individual courses, which is done through direct hospital training throughout the programme.

The Directorate of Professional Relations coordinates with public and private sector institutions to find training positions for Ahlia students to complete their INTR XXX programme. However, students may themselves seek internship positions directly and bring them to the internship coordinator for processing and approval.

Students doing their INTR XXX programme are assigned a site supervisor from the work place and an academic supervisor from the university who are responsible for guiding and supervising the intern during the training period. The student is required to fill-in a monthly report (Appendix G) which will be reviewed by the academic supervisor. There are mid-evaluation and final-evaluation forms to be filled by the site supervisor (Appendices E and F) of the training period. The academic supervisor makes at least one site visit to the student to make sure that the training is progressing as expected. The student is also required to write a final report (Appendix H) at the end of the training period to summarize their internship experience.

The internship programme must satisfy the ILOs of the INTR XXX course and hence the training programme and the evaluation of the intern must be based on such requirement. Increasingly students are becoming aware of the importance of the INTR XXX internship programme which provides them with the practical skills and the opportunity to be familiar with the working environment and a potential opportunity for employment.

Internship Guide

The internship guide is a general guide to assist students, faculty and employers who participate in Ahlia University Internship Programme.

Purpose of Internship

An Internship programme as defined by the Ahlia INTR 400 course is a structured opportunity to incorporate academic, professional and personal skill development which enables the student to gain a planned and directed learning experience. It enables the student to integrate knowledge gained through their classroom learning with the competencies made available through actual experience in a professional setting. The goals of the  programme are:

Student Eligibility

Any student who has completed 90 or more credits in the undergraduate programme and has a minimum university CGPA of 2.00 is eligible to undertake the internship programme.

Working, non-working, full-time and part-time students are all eligible for the internship programme.

Working students can undertake internship by bringing a confirmation letter from their organization. It should state that they approve moving the student from his/her current department to a different department related to the student’s major for an internship of two months.


The Events include among other activities:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Panel debates

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Ahlia Youth Connect (2021): Day 10

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