Diversity and inclusion committee

Ahlia University

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at the Ahlia University

As a higher educational institution Ahlia University is committed to maintain equity amongst its diverse community of students, faculty and staff. The University ensures that all members of the university community are treated equitably and with respect in accordance with the following definitions:


Appreciation and acknowledgement of differences amongst the members of the university community that promote acceptance and belonging, regardless of factors that span age, color, disability, employment status, ethnic or national origins, language, family status, marital status, race, religious or spiritual belief, gender, socio-economic circumstances and taste.


A standard of treatment of people that ınvolves reasonable efforts to ensure fairness in decisions impacting all members of the university community. However, equitable treatment does not necessary mean equal treatment as a range of interests impacting all parties need be balanced.

1.Equity and diversity among the student body is as follows:

Ahlia University believes that all students, regardless of color, race, religion, and physical or learning disability, have the right to the best education. Admission to Ahlia University is selective based on prior academic achievement. The most qualified candidates — regardless of race, color, gender, religion, nationality, sect or disability — will be selected to fill the available places. In the course of student participation in the educational life at the university, academic and non-academic, Ahlia University is committed to a discrimination-free learnıng environment for all students — regardless of race, color, gender, religion, nationality, sect or disability –. based on principles of fairness and equity.

2. Equity and diversity among staff is as follows:

Ahlia strives to treat its staff fairly by maintaining a healthy, safe and productive work environment which is free from discrimination based on any other factor that is unrelated to Ahlia legitimate interests. Ahlia shall not tolerate any offensive, intimidating or inappropriate statements or behavior undermining equity ın the work environment. Harassment in all its manifestations is prohibited. Committed to applying an effective recruitment policy that is based on the principles of equity and fairness, and equal employment opportunity, Ahlia shall ensure to identify, efficiently and effectively, the right candidates for vacancies in Ahlia and recruitment shall be based on qualifications, experience, and merit. Supervisors and managers are expected to ensure that work-related decisions regarding task allocation, compensation, performance evaluations, the administration of Ahlia benefits et. al. reflects principles of fairness and equity.


Existence of Committee, Office or Officer

Since inception, Ahlia University has championed equal opportunity and women empowerment. This is manifest in the University’s core values: Excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, collegiality, ambition, and engagement.

We champion inclusivity, diversity, and equity both within and outside the institution. We strive to mainstream the principle of equal opportunity in all our operations, and in relation to all stakeholders.

In 2017, Ahlia University established an Equal Opportunity Committee as part of the university’s formal governance structure. The committee is chaired by the President and oversees/advises on all issues relating to the principle of equal opportunity.

EOC Purpose

To mainstream the culture and practice of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity
across the University in line with the Bahrain Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development
Goal 5.

EOC Membership

  • President (Chairperson).
  • Senior Advisor for Academic Affairs.
  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • President Assistant of Media, Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Executive Director for Communications and International Relations.
  • Director of Human Resources.
  • Female Faculty Representatives.
  • Committee Secretary


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