Anti-bribery and corruption policy

Ahlia University

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at the Ahlia University

Ahlia University recognizes the critical importance of maintaining an ethical environment that upholds integrity, transparency, and accountability. In line with its commitment to ethical governance, the university has established a comprehensive Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. This report delves into the key components and significance of the policy, outlining how it reinforces Ahlia University’s dedication to promoting a culture of integrity and combating bribery and corruption.

1. Policy Overview:
The Ahlia University Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy serve as a robust framework to deter, detect, and prevent any form of bribery or corruption within the institution. It articulates the university’s stance against such practices and highlights its commitment to adhering to the highest ethical standards.

2. Scope and Applicability:
The policy applies to all individuals associated with Ahlia University, including faculty members, staff, students, contractors, vendors, and external partners. It applies both within the university’s premises and in any external interactions related to the university’s affairs.

3. Definition of Bribery and Corruption:
The policy provides clear and concise definitions of bribery and corruption, ensuring that all stakeholders
have a shared understanding of prohibited conduct.

4. Prohibited Activities:
Ahlia University’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy explicitly prohibits the offering, solicitation, or acceptance of bribes or corrupt acts in any form. It also addresses indirect bribery and the facilitation of corrupt practices.

5. Responsibility and Accountability:
The policy emphasizes that every individual associated with the university has a responsibility to uphold the anti-bribery and corruption principles. It holds all parties accountable for their actions and requires prompt reporting of any potential violations.

6. Reporting Mechanism:
Ahlia University provides a confidential reporting mechanism to facilitate the reporting of suspected or actual instances of bribery and corruption. This whistleblower protection ensures that individuals can come forward without fear of retaliation.

7. Disciplinary Measures:
The policy outlines clear disciplinary actions that will be taken against individuals found engaging in bribery or corruption. These measures may include termination of employment or student status, contract termination, and, if necessary, legal action.

8. Training and Awareness:
Ahlia University actively conducts regular training sessions and awareness programs to ensure that all members of the university community understand the policy, recognize potential risks, and are equipped to prevent and report any unethical practices.

9. Integration into Institutional Values:
Ahlia University’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy aligns with the institution’s core values of integrity, transparency, and accountability. It reinforces the university’s commitment to being a responsible and ethically-driven organization.

The Ahlia University Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy reflects the institution’s proactive approach in
combating unethical practices and promoting a culture of integrity. By establishing a strong framework,
providing training, and encouraging open reporting, the policy plays a pivotal role in fostering ethical
governance and transparency at Ahlia University. The policy serves as a guiding beacon, ensuring that all
members of the university community work collectively to preserve the university’s reputation as an
institution of integrity and excellence.




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