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Affordable Food for All

Food Security

Given the agricultural challenges faced by the Middle East region, food security is a pressing matter. It is central to sustainable development and growth, and the focus of a national strategy to boost local production and reduce dependence on food imports.

Given the agricultural challenges faced by the Middle East region, food security is a pressing matter. It is central to sustainable development and growth, and the focus of  a national strategy to boost local production and reduce dependence on food imports.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture are working in tandem to support the agriculture and fisheries sectors, which are key to developing the nation’s long-term food security. In addition, the government is cooperating with other regional governments to achieve common goals in this area.

As a result of the government’s foresight, Bahrain is among the top 50 most food secure nations in the world.

Among the World’s Top 50 Most Food Secure Nations

Bahrain is listed among the top 50 most food secure nations, ranking 49th in the Global Food Security Index 2020. The report, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranks 113 countries in food affordability, availability, quality and safety, and natural resources and resilience. Bahrain ranked 35th globally in affordability, 64th in availability, 44th in quality of food and 111th in natural resources and resilience.

99 percent of people in Bahrain have access to drinking water and know how to store food safely. No one in the country is living on or below the global poverty line, which is USD 3.20 per day. Bahrain scored 75.3 out of 100 for food supplies, while the world average was 60.4, and its irrigation infrastructure scored 46.5, well above the global average of 10.6.

Among the World’s Top 50 Most Food Secure Nations

College of Business and finance are cordially invites  you to attend “Green solutions for leftovers” By Ms. Manal Bucheery. on Wednesday, May 3 , 2023 at 12:00 PM in Ahlia University – Theatre. Session Objectives:

  • Introducing the negative effects of wasting food.
  • The importance of waste recycling and its  impact on the environmental, economic and social aspects.
  • Provide green solutions for leftovers

Al-Ahlia Students Organize the First Edition of the Food Festival

In a joyful atmosphere, Ahlia University students held the first edition of the Ahlia Food Festival in the university’s parking lots with the participation of dozens of restaurants and food and beverage shops, as well as local student projects in the food and beverage industry, where the dishes varied between eastern and western in addition to healthy and organic foods.

On this occasion, the President of the Student Council of Ahlia University, Abdullah Al-Shaer, said, “This hosting for a group of restaurants and food stores, as well as the products and creations of Ahlia University students, is held with the aim of enhancing social life in our university, and emphasizing the culture of diversity drawn by different foods and colors.” Al-Shaer praised the support and assistance that the festival received from the university administration and professors.

Media and Public Relations student Nujoud Sami was one of the students participating in the festival, and she expressed her happiness with the great turnout for the festival’s activities, and she participated in preparing a range of foods and sweets and displaying them at the festival, where she received praise and praise from the audience.

It is worth mentioning that the Ahlia University Student  Council plays a vital role in the various activities and events of the Deanship of Student Affairs, in organizing many extracurricular student activities such as lectures, seminars, sports, cultural and artistic competitions, and arranging scientific and exploratory trips inside and outside Bahrain, with the aim of refining students’ skills and preparing them to enter the labor market.

Bahrain is the first in the Arab world and the fourth in the world in food waste

Dr. Sumaya Yousef, Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment at the Arabian Gulf University, stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain occupies the first place in the Arab world and the fourth globally in food waste according to the latest reports; and explained that this requires more effort from all sides to increase the level of awareness of the Bahraini society to reduce food waste. This came during her talk about the waste generated by food and the amount of its production annually globally in the lecture organized by the Bahrain Society of Chemists under the title (Sustainable Management of Solid Waste) via the Zoom platform. Dr. Sumaya Yousef pointed out that the waste management sector comes in fourth place after the energy, agriculture and industry sector as the most sectors that contribute to carbon dioxide emissions, explaining that there is an economic, environmental and social cost of unsustainable waste management practices, where waste is landfill without exploiting its components, which can be considered the basis for many industries that contribute to the diversification of the economy, environmental protection, job creation and contribute significantly to the elimination of unemployment in society Thus contributing to the transformation of society into production rather than consumption.

She reviewed the most prominent sustainable techniques for solid waste management, pointing out the existence of techniques to convert waste into energy through anaerobic fermentation, and advanced incineration without emissions, and that they are considered one of the socially, economically and environmentally feasible techniques for the Kingdom of Bahrain, and should be invested in, and noted that the effectiveness of fertilization projects to convert organic waste into fertilizer to be used locally in agriculture, and may also be exported. She stressed the need to activate the national strategy for waste management and centralize the management of the sector under one umbrella, with an integrated and coherent regulatory legislative framework that contributes to achieving tangible development. She gave an example of this with a policy of separation of waste from the source which would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation of many technologies in this area. She stressed the importance of community awareness of sustainable consumption patterns.

During the lecture, she touched on the definition of solid waste and its types, the motives for increasing its production rate, the concept of sustainable waste management and its importance globally and locally, and the methodology of integrated solid waste management. She also talked about the Sustainable Development Goals and the extent to which sustainable waste management is linked to those goals, and highlighted the available sustainable options and technologies for each type, and the feasibility of some sustainable technologies for the Kingdom of Bahrain. In her lecture, she addressed other topics related to the circular economy and its relationship to sustainable waste management, and the waste management market globally. It is worth mentioning that the lecture comes within the monthly periodic lectures organized by the Bahrain Society of Chemists, and has enjoyed remarkable local and international participation from different countries including: the Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Iraq, and Russia

Physical Care Services

About New Campus

Located in Madina Al Shamaliya island 11 this unique peace of architecture which embrace a mixture of contemporary and modern design art reflects the spirit future of a university campus. The main campus plot consists of interactive teaching and learning facilities, food and beverage outlets, library and study rooms, auditorium, offices, meeting halls, seminar halls, lobby and reception area, open spaces and car parks.

The indoor sports hall plot consists of multi sports hall accommodating up to 800 spectators based on international standards including football, basketball, volleyball and handball. The international size swimming pool capable  of accommodating sports and training events. The gym and spa will provide a gorgeous health and wellbeing environment. A wide space clinic will be used as a medical and training facility. A serving lobby and receptions area, open spaces and car parks.

The main university campus and sports hall facility are surrounded with a beautiful huge green area park of more than 75000 square meter size. The students, staff and visitors will enjoy a spectacular sustainable environment

AL Madina al Shamaliya Context:

Al Madina Al Shamaliya is a group of islands located within a twenty-minute drive from Manama City and a ten-minute drive from the Seef District. A series of primary roads and major linear routes link Madina Al Shamaliya to the Manama Central Business District (CBD), airport, industrial and port areas and surrounding districts. Ahlia University is at the heart of Island 11 along the primary open space.

Can I Play Sport?

Sport is a major cultural pastime in Bahrain, with driving, golf, horse-riding, rugby, tennis, sailing, soccer, cricket, and basketball facilities located throughout the island. Private resorts and clubs have beaches and pools for  swimming.

Alumni Support

The Professional Relations Team provide support to Ahlia students and alumni, focusing on employment-related assistance by holding conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures . 

Alumni Club

The Alumni Club is open to all graduates and offers a wide range of educational, cultural, sporting and social events to maintain strong bonds between graduates and the university and to provide activities which enhance their professional capabilities.

Alumni Events

Ahlia hosts an annual Alumni Gathering for all graduates to attend. It’s a great chance to see your old faculty, catch up with friends from your student days and re-establish contacts with people. We also hold lots of events every year for our alumni, from social and entertainment activities through to educational and cultural events. Make sure to visit us often via our website, social media and at the campus.

Careers Day (2022)

Ahlia University will host its Annual Careers Day on Thursday 17th March 2022  from 09:30 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. at Ahlia University campus located at GOSI Mall, Exhibition Road. The event will also be available on Microsoft Teams.

This remarkable event brings together under one roof reputable businesses and academic professionals, with an impressive group of students seeking job opportunities or internships. We are confident that this Careers Day will provide an ideal opportunity for your organization to meet future graduates of one of the most prestigious institutions for higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ahlia University will provide you with space, desk, chairs and any assistance you may require. Participants are expected to supply their own display materials, literature and promotional items. The participation is free of charge.

We Invent Hackathon (2022)

The First Ahlia Invention Centre Hackathon

Ahlia University Invention Centre (AIC) in cooperation with Brinc Batelco, is organizing The first Ahlia Invention Centre hackathon all innovators in Bahrain, would love to invite all the Inventors and Innovators in Bahrain to participate in the “We invent” themed hackathon. which aims to:

  • Discover and enhance the talents and abilities of Bahraini innovators and enable them to become professionals in the technical fields according to the best international standards.
  • Motivate Bahraini innovators to join the field of software development and program design.
  • Develop Bahraini innovators students technical skills to create smart solutions that simulate the latest events in the world.
  • Deploy the field of designing and developing applications and inventions to benefit the Advancement of Bahraini innovators.


Agreement with Barbar and Ahlia

Free Access To Sports Facilities

Ahlia University wants to contribute to the sustainability goals, exactly for a “Good Health & Wellbeing”. In this sense, it gives the community, schools and the general public access to its sports facilities [3]

Ahlia University, and as part of its contribution to the sustainability goals, and specifically for a “Good Health & Wellbeing”, provides free access to the local community, schools, and general public to its sports facilities [4].

Accessto Ahlia University’s sports facilitiesto the public is currently for free and made some events for the community.

Bahrain's Sports Day

The Kingdom of Bahrain organized Bahrain Sports Day on February 11, 2020, in accordance with the decision of their Highnesses Presidents of the GCC National Olympic Committee at their meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to have a national sports day in the second week. February in all GCC countries.

The participation in the “sport of walking” event to celebrate the national sports day 2019, on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. The meeting point was in front of the university library [5].

On January 24, 2019, the basketball team had a victory over Applied Science University in a strong club game [6].

On January 25, 2019, the Ahlia University team saw a 1-2 goal difference over AMA University in the Volleyball Championship in the National League Leagues.


“Let’s Play Sport”

“Let’s Play Sport” of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Representative of His Majesty the King for Charity Work & Youth Affairs, Chairman of Supreme Council for Youth & Sports and President of Bahrain Olympic Committee.

League of Universities Outdoor playgrounds Bahrain Soccer Association, a free championship for the general public to share, learn, and have an excellent day with these university players [10].

Similarly, he was invited to participate in the volleyball match against Ahlia. A way to encourage sports and good healthy practices [11].

Ahlia University Participates with Six Sport Teams in the “Yalla” Festival That Was Held by The Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Ahlia University participated with diverse sport teams of football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, color challenge team  and last but not least was the special needs team. In the great festival which was held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Saturday the 6th of February 2016, AU took part in all the diverse activities that were challenging specially the Basketball team which played six games and lost only one of them. The university joins festivals arranged by The Ministry to embrace student’s involvement in the community which leads to develop stronger relations with the society.

Basketball Tournament

In August, Ahlia University organized a Basketball Tournament at the Star Sports Club. Five teams took part – The Tigers, Assad, The Black Wolves, One Team and Manama. The Tigers were victorious after a nail biting final against Manama.

Football Championship XV

In April, Ahlia took part in the Football Championship XV. 12 teams took part and there was great sense of competitive rivalry as the teams progressed from the knockout  stages through to the final.

Sexual Reproductive Care

Ahlia’s sexual and reproductive health-care services

Ahlia University in Bahrain is committed to promoting the well-being of its students by providing them with access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health-care services. These services encompass a range of offerings, including information and education services, which are made available through special clinics, awareness campaigns, events, and informative lectures. The university recognizes the importance of ensuring that students have the knowledge, resources, and support they need to make informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health. This proactive approach not only fosters a culture of well-being and empowerment on campus but also contributes to the overall physical and emotional health of its student community.

Health Clinic

A health clinic is located in the third floor and is staffed by a full-time nurse who is responsible for providing medical first aid services. During emergencies that cannot be addressed by the nurse, the

nurse will arrange for the student to be taken by ambulance to the adjacent health center or in more serious cases to the nearest hospital.

Ahlia University boasts a comprehensive healthcare system to cater to the well-being of its
community members. This includes a general clinic that offers essential first-aid services to address immediate healthcare needs.

In addition to this, the university has established specialized clinics dedicated  exclusively to providing sexual and reproductive health services, with a particular focus on the needs of female employees and students, including pregnant individuals.

A dedicated healthcare professional oversees these specialized clinics, ensuring that regular monthly appointments are available to provide necessary care, guidance, and support. This commitment to specialized healthcare services underscores the university’s dedication to the holistic health and welfare of its diverse community.

Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

In collaboration with Al- Kindi Hospital, the Deanship of Student Affairs is organizing the “Think Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign on Wednesday 24th of October 2018 @ 12:00 at the theater hall. The aim of this event is to support the effort in raising the breast cancer awareness, education, and care.

The program will include the following activities: Lecture by Ms. Zahra Baqer entitled Spiritual Wealth Free medical tests (weight, blood sugar, BMI) Consultation with a nutritionist

Breast Cancer Awareness Multimedia Product Design Hakathon

Ahlia University, College of Information Technology Multimedia Science Department is calling for its
First Multimedia Awareness Competition. The competition awards the best work being done for the
Multimedia Product Design under the topic “Breast Cancer Awareness”.


Sexual Function Among Women Seeking for Sexual Health

Ahlia University, made a participation in the following article Heart disease is the number one cause of death among women in America, representing 1 in every 4 deaths in 2009. This regular cardiovascular health screening is critical in preventing risk factors from reaching disease level.

Women’s Health


  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and Strength Recovery of Postnatal Diastasis Recti Abdominis Muscles, Dalia M. Kamel, Amel M. Yousif (June, 2017), Ann Rehabil Med, (3):465- 474. doi: 10.5535/arm.2017.41.3.465. Epub 2017 Jun 29. Abstract (pdf) / Journal link/ Research area: Rehabilitation and women’s health
  • Experience of dysmenorrhea among a group of physical therapy students from Cairo University: an exploratory study, Dalia M Kamel, Sayed A Tantawy, Gehan A Abdelsamea (2017), Journal of Pain Research, 10 1079– 085. Abstract (pdf) / Journal link/ Research area: Women’s health
  • Pulsed magnetic field versus ultrasound in the treatment of postnatal carpal tunnel syndrome: A randomized controlled trial in the women of an Egyptian population, Dalia M. Kamel, Nashwa S. Hamed, Neveen A. Abdel Raoof, Sayed A. Tantawy (2017), Journal of Advanced Research, 8, 45–53. Abstract (pdf) / Journal link/ Research area: Women’s health and Musculoskeletal disorders
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  • Investigating the effect of Kinesio tape over the convential physical therapy management of shoulder related complications in post mastectomy females: A randomized control trial, Sayed A. Tantawy, Dalia M. Kamel (10-11 March 2016), 17th International scientific conference of faculty of physical Therapy, Cairo University, Egypt. Abstract (pdf) / Research area: Women’s health and oncology
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Recent study examines effective treatments for post-prostatectomy disorders

A recent study conducted by the Community University recommended the use of variable-intensity seismic frequencies (WBV) to treat urinary system disorders after prostatectomy, as a safe treatment with numerous physiological effects on the muscles of the body and pelvis, strengthening them and rapidly restoring their vitality.

A research team formed by the National University reached this conclusion among several results of a study published by one of the world’s best-judged journals in the field of physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy published by the international publishing house Elsevier Ltd., and is one of the first category magazines (Q1) ranked seventh in the field of physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation worldwide according to the international classification Web of Science and Scopus database.

The research team was formed by the team leader and professor of physiotherapy at the Community University, Dr. Sayed Tantawi, Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies at the National University, Dr. Dalia Kamel, Dr. Walid Kamal Abdul Basit, Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy at Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Hani Al-Jawhari, Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy at Cairo University in Egypt.

On this occasion, the founding president of the National University and chairman of its board of trustees, Professor Abdullah al-Hawaj, praised the growing interest of the university’s professors and researchers in scientific research and the conduct of research studies that are of interest to various institutions and research centers around the world, noting the effort sought by the research team formed by the university and its good results, and this is evidenced by the interest of one of the best international journals courted by its adoption and publication.


He added: We encourage our teachers and students to  carry out joint research projects, and strengthen them with Gulf and Arab expertise to make a mark on  the National University and the Kingdom of Bahrain in the process of scientific research.

For his part, the leader of the research team Dr. Sayed Tantawi said that this study  is the first of its kind in physiotherapy for cases of urinary disorder after prostatectomy, and was built on various applications tests while it took about three and a half years to prepare and publish.

He added: There are many therapeutic methods in such  common cases after this type of surgery, including bioflux, electrical stimulation, lifestyle changes, or a combination of these strategies, but with rapid scientific progress in the field of physical therapy may emerge new treatment methods such as variable-intensity seismic frequency therapy (WBV) which has been tested and applied in many cases of illness.

Dr. Sayed Tantawi noted that the journal Physiotherapy stated in the letter of approval for the publication of this research  that it is a promising and distinctive beginning in the field of rehabilitation for men’s health due to the scarcity of distinctive research directed to this type of specialization and this has increased the insistence of the research team to complete the journey and focus on scientific research in this field.

This scientific achievement is the result of the University’s policy of supporting serious and sober scientific research, which is based on promoting scientific research that addresses issues of concern to bahrain and the Gulf as a whole, and in line with the 2016-2020 higher education and scientific research strategies launched by the Higher Education Council and its Secretariat and supervised its implementation with all due course.

Mental Health Care

Student Council

Ahlia University provides a variety of student guidance services through a specialized directorate in the Deanship of Student Affairs. The Directorate of Student Counselling and Guidance responsible for providing services that help students overcome any academic, personal, social and psychological concerns that they may face throughout their study at Ahlia University.

Our student-centered counselling services are driven by our mission to provide services that are preventative and remedial in nature while addressing the psychological, educational, social, and developmental needs of AU students.

We aim to empower students, while educating them on developing lifelong skills that can assist them in the pursuit of their life and future goals. We are data driven, which means data is used in assessing student counselling needs and effectiveness, while driving future programme development and evaluation.

Counselling may be of help to you if you are in need of/experiencing any of the following:

  1. Academic Support services: including concerns about being at risk, on academic probation; struggling with low/under performance, study skills, language proficiency; in need of mediation with faculty/staff…etc.
  2. a. Personal concerns that could be from within or outside university life that are hindering your academic success and overall well-being.
  3. Psychological concerns: coping with concerns of such nature, and managing academics.
  4. Adjusting to University life: University is a great milestone in your life. This transition can be challenging for some, causing undue stress.
  5. Questioning your choice of major: For many, University provides them with an opportunity to seek and identify careers better suited to their interests and abilities. This might require guidance and support
  6. Any other concern that you might want to discuss in a confidential manner.


Please consider meeting with a counsellor if you are experiencing any of the above concerns, or even otherwise.

Counsellors at AU have an open-door policy, where the counsellor-student relationship is viewed as unconditional in nature, not restricting frequency or purpose of contact.

For concerns we cannot resolve, we will refer you to the appropriate body. Our core belief is that all students’ have dignity and worth and have the right to a safe, mutually respectful and orderly learning environment. Diversity is to be respected and appreciated as we foster unity amongst our students, faculty, staff and community.

Note: All students have the right to confidentiality. Please know that counselling services are offered in a private, safe and secure environment. All information shared is kept confidential (private); unless required by university policy, Kingdom law and/or the Counselling Code of Ethic (ACA; 2014)

Student Council

One of Ahlia University priorities is to create the right means of communication between students and the management and give the students the right to express their opinions and to discuss their problems in a democratic manner. In order to achieve this objective, the university has established the Student Council, which consists of members elected by their fellow students from different colleges. Student Council membership normally lasts for one year. The winners in the election elect the Student Council President and the heads of different Student Council committees. The Student Council aims to achieve the following:

  1. Develop students’ personalities from the academic, social, cultural, and national aspects.
  2. Develop students’ leadership skills and allow them to freely express their views and opinions.
  3. Develop students’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities within the university rules and
  4. Support students’ activities in the fields of science, culture, social events, and sports, which are
    expected to improve the students overall educational attainment.
  5. Encourage the spirit of collaboration and teamwork between the students and create a strong
    bond between the students and the University faculty and staff.
  6. Encourage students’ contributions towards the development of better student service.

Directorate of Student Counseling & Advising

The counseling Department has been set up with intent to provide support to ALL students enrolled at Ahlia University (AU). Counselor’s here at AU work for, and in favor of students, with intent to empower them to achieve their optimum potential. We encourage students to utilize the counselor’s available: to help them with any concerns coming in the way of meeting academic success. We believe that all students have dignity and worth and have the right to a safe, mutually respectful, healthy and orderly learning environment. We respect and appreciate diversity, while aiming to cultivate unity among our students, faculty, staff and community.

Students are provided with student-centered counseling services, addressing prevention, intervention and student developmental needs. We hope to help student’s develop lifelong skills that can assist them in pursuit of their life goals.

Counseling Aims

Students can visit a counselor for several reasons.

Click on Counseling Aims
Please consider

meeting with a counselor if you are experiencing any of the above concerns, or even otherwise. Counselors at AU have an open door policy, where the counselor- tudent relationship is viewed as unconditional in nature, not restricting frequency or purpose of contact. For concerns we cannot resolve we will refer you to the appropriate body.

AU Student Council

  • To meet student’s academic, social and emotional needs. We are here to assist students in overcoming challenges that interfere with learning; and to ensure all students will have equal access to counseling.
  • Please note that all information shared during a personal counseling session is kept confidential/secret (unless authorized by law or in interest of student safety).
  • Please consider meeting with a counselor if you are experiencing any of the above concerns, or even otherwise. Counselors at AU have an open door policy, where the counselor-student relationship is viewed as unconditional in nature, not restricting frequency or purpose of contact. For concerns we cannot resolve we will refer you to the appropriate body.
  • please fill out the following form to ask for an online appointment. Kindly note that, by clicking the submit button on the above form, you are acknowledging limitations inherent in ensuring privacy of information transmitted through an online form and recognize that such information may be accessed by a third party without our authorization and despite reasonable efforts by Ahlia University to create a secure online environment.


Ahlia University protects the health and safety of people working on Ahlia’s campus, and other stakeholders who use the premises and worksites of the university. Work related hazards are identified and prevention strategies are implemented across the university to ensure safety and security. The university also provides employees with:

  • Health insurance
  • Provide staff and students free mental services (Academic supervisor and psychological counselling, Training courses, awareness sessions, lectures.

Student Council

  • To meet student’s academic, social and emotional needs. We are here to assist students in overcoming challenges that interfere with learning; and to ensure all students will have equal access to counseling.
  • Please note that all information shared during a personal counseling session  is kept confidential/secret (unless authorized by law or in interest of student safety).
  • Please consider meeting with a counselor if you are experiencing any of the above concerns, or even otherwise. Counselors at AU have an open door policy, where the counselor-student relationship is viewed as unconditional in nature, not restricting frequency or purpose of contact. For concerns we cannot resolve we will refer you to the appropriate body.
  • please fill out the following form to ask for an online appointment. Kindly note that, by clicking the submit button on the above form, you are acknowledging limitations inherent in ensuring privacy of information transmitted through an online form and recognize that such information may be accessed by a third party without our authorization and despite reasonable efforts by Ahlia University to create a secure online environment.

Self-Care through Art Workshop

The College of Business and Finance organized a workshop titled “Art Journalling for Emotional Self-care”, presented by Ms. Asrar Al Taifi, an emotional health coach at Sacred Feeler Clinic. The Workshop aimed to practice emotional self-care by using art as a self-awareness tool and explore their inner world.

Ms. Al Taifi said that arts contribute effectively to practicing self-care and controlling individuals’ emotions, focusing on the spirit, soul and body to positively strengthen the relationship between life and self-requirements.

The Effect of Electronic Media on Mental Health

Ahlia University seeks to increase students’ awareness of the effects of electronic media on contemporary life, and the post pandemic world by hosting a lecture by Dr. Suhair Al-Mohannadi titled “The Effect of Electronic Media on Mental Health” on the 5th of December 2022


  • Electronic media and its importance to the modern man.
  • Challenges of electronic media and its uses.
  • The health and psychological effects of electronic media users.
  • Coping mechanisms to mitigate impacts.

Student Confidence Building Programme

As part of Ahlia’s drive to further develop its students and distinguish its graduates, Ahlia is launching the “Student Confidence Building” extra-curricular programme on the summer session.

This programme includes eight workshops designed especially to our students to improve their self-confidence that will be reflected positively on their academic, social, and future professional lives.

Students that successfully complete this programme will receive a certificate and Two A credits.

Build yourself, develop your confidence, be special by registering in Ahlia’s unique “Student Confidence Building” programme.

If you are: Undergraduate GPA ≥ 2.75 Then what are you waiting for? Be part of our unique program by filling the form below. Hurry up! Limited number of applicants will be accepted!

Anti-Bullying Hackathon

Join us for a good cause and prepare an artwork:

(Animation Video, Film, Computer Game, or any other multimedia system …) to support ANTI BULLYING Awareness.

OPEN to all IT College Students & Alumni


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Relevance to Topic
  • Originality
  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Organization of Content
  • Language Mechanics

Mandala Coloring

The College of Business and finance invites you to attend a workshop titled “Mandala Coloring” on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at 12:00 PM in the theater hall. Mandala coloring is one of the common methods of art therapy. It is a relaxing exercise that can free your mind from thinking about other things and allow you to live in the moment. Coloring mandalas helps improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, minimize negative thoughts, refresh the mind, and ignite creativity.

Art Journaling for Emotional Self Care

he College of Business and finance are cordially invites you to attend “Art Journaling for Emotional Self-care”. Seats are limited, for participations Kindly contact via 17298986 or


In this workshop, Participants will be able to:

  • Practice emotional self care.
  • Use art as a self awareness tool.
  • Explore their inner world.

Need to know:

  • For ages 21+
  • Focused on emotional well-being
  • Only 10 spots available
  • Beginner-friendly art exercises.

Yoga & Mindfulness session (Ladies Only)

College of Business and finance are cordially invites you to attend “Yoga & Mindfulness session”. Seats are limited, for participations Kindly contact Ms. Bibi almahdi via 17298986 or

About the session

Arima Journey is glad to offer Community at ahlia university a gentle yoga practice for all female to uplift their minds, bodies and souls. in this one Hour session, we will breathe, meditate and practice various heart opener yoga poses to cultivate self-love. yogis will float into the rest of their day feeling centered, energized and relaxed.

About arima Journey for yoga

Arima Journey aims to promote mental and physical fitness through blending the powerful practices of yoga and mindfulness. Therefore, the session will offer the yogis a mindful space to reconnect to the soul, to breathe, to meditate, to move, to relax and to find calm in the chaos!

Together We Are Safe

Together We Are Safe is a pioneering initiative led by Students from Ahlia University Bahrain as part of their marketing and management study course and under close academic supervision of Dr. Anji Ben Hamed, former Director of Ahlia Centre for Entrepreneurship. Together We Are Safe emphasises on tolerance, acceptance, love and integrity, and to cleanse all types of extremism which lead us to build a culture filled with love, peace and togetherness. Students believe that all religions accept the others regardless of their colour, gender, nationality, faith, orientation and people live with each other and accept each others religions, by cleansing all types of religious extremism.


Ahlia’s Counselling Services are there to help you overcome any challenges that interfere with your learning. This means assisting with academic support services, resolving personal concerns and helping you succeed. Our aim is to prevent problems arising and to help you resolve them if they do arise. The support we offer ranges from short-term advice for a particular problem to help for a situation or condition that is on-going. The underlying goal of all counselling is to support the development of coping abilities, a sense of empowerment and the ability to find personal solutions for issues.

"Eligibility" and "coexistence" adopt the campaign and support it university students launch an awareness campaign against extremism among young people

#معا we are safe or #Together_safe the slogan of a campaign launched by a group of students of the Community University in Both Arabic and English, with the aim of addressing all forms of extremism and intolerance by calling for love, unity and reunification between all factions and components of society, for greater security and peace in the Kingdom of Bahrain and around the world, in addition to presenting Bahrain as a social model to be followed worldwide.

A campaign that quickly spread its reputation on social media, motivated the leadership of the community university to adopt and support it in partnership with the Bahrain Association for Tolerance and Coexistence of Religions, and many community elites, while television launched a campaign that quickly spread its reputation on social media, motivated the leadership of the community university to adopt and support it in partnership with the Bahrain Association for Tolerance and Coexistence of Religions, and many community elites, while Bahrain TV initiated a meeting with a group of students active in the campaign.

The campaign, adopted by a group of marketing and business students under the supervision of their professor Dr. Angie Bin Hamed in their fourth and final academic year, seeks to spread community awareness of the importance of addressing all forms of extremism, and accepts the other with all its differences in order to increase intimacy, love and rejection of hatred among different segments of society, while the campaign is based on the idea of applying marketing techniques, especially digital means, in order to spread the content of the campaign and deliver it to the largest segment of Bahraini youth.

The founding president of the National University and chairman of its board of trustees, Professor Abdullah Al-Hawaj, together with the Chairman of the Community Service Committee, Professor Fouad Chehab, and in the presence of a number of leaders of the Bahrain Association for Tolerance and Coexistence of Religions led by the President of the Association Professor Yusuf Bouzbon and Vice President Dr. Amal Al-Jouder, met with a number of students participating in the campaign congratulations to the students of the community university the success of their campaign and its impact on social media, and the wide praise and acceptance it received, where it included a huge hand-held fingerprint panel at the headquarters of the community university and launched Tweets and anti-extremism videos posted on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other means of communication.

The meeting concluded with the adoption of this high humanitarian message among young people by holding an inaugural ceremony for this campaign on Saturday, May 13, 2017, and then starting it again in digital communication, and coordinating an integrated plan to move this campaign in various educational institutions such as secondary schools, colleges, universities and facilities where young people are present, such as clubs and business complexes.

During the meeting, Professor Abdullah al-Hawaj stressed that the Community University is inspired by His Majesty the King’s reform project to work hard to achieve the beautiful days that have not yet lived as promised by His Majesty, and that this campaign meets the outburst of youth and the experience of adults, which can achieve a significant and significant impact on public opinion trends towards countering extremism, whether religious or ethnic extremism, against women, sports and in various aspects of life.

Dr. Amal Al-Jouder, Vice President of the Bahrain Association for Tolerance and Coexistence of Religions, praised the initiative of the students of the Community University, expressing the association’s readiness to participate positively in their campaign and bringing them a diverse spectrum of speakers in the field of tolerance and rejection of extremism of different religions, where the association is made up of diverse members in their religions and cultural trends, while Ms. Mona Khoury of the Bahrain Society for Tolerance and Coexistence of Religions stressed the importance of the role that the community university can play in deepening the culture of tolerance among young people on the youth group. In particular, with its great academic experience, thanking the university students for their good initiative.


“I have been working since I was 17 years old, so I needed to do my degree on a part-time basis. Ahlia’s programmed rules are flexible if you are working. Ahlia also helps you develop as a person, for example when some of us put forward a proposal for a Psychology Club, we got all the support we needed. The Club organized a World Health Day with yoga sessions and speeches; a Self- Discovery Day in partnership with ISIC; and a Depression Awareness event. In summer 2012 I went with 5 others to do an internship in India for 1.5 months through AIESEC with AU sponsorship. We volunteered at a school, organizing events promoting health awareness, etc. The experience was wonderful, and I learned so much! Also, as a result of connections I made, I got an interview in the UAE and am now working as a Research Executive for Market & Research Services, Dubai, where I conduct surveys and focus groups etc. I really enjoy it and my ambition is to do have similar role at somewhere like CNN one day.”

Psychological Effects and Virtual Reality

The Directorate of Student Counseling & Advising invites you to attend an awareness lecture titled Psychological Effects and Virtual Reality on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 12 noon in AU Seminar Hall. Dr. Suhair bint Sanad bin Rashid Al Muhannadi Currently Head of the Second Educational Zone Schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain, delegated to the Office of the Director General at the Bahrain Training Institute to follow up on development projects, and the Acting Director of Business and Arts at the Bahrain Training Institute

Your business branding starts with your personal plan

This workshop explains how a personal plan can create a personal brand that is build around the person’s personality. For example can create your own persoanl brand based on your name, favorite color, favorite number, etc. Presenter: Ms. Zahra Baqer.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellbeing of the students and staff is an important element of sustainability at Ahlia University. Students can access a myriad of services to support their mental and physical health and help them lead balanced lives here at Ahlia University. The University provides student counselling, academic advising, special services for students with special needs. Furthermore, Ahlia University provides and supports a variety of student social, cultural and sports activities through a specialized directorate within the Deanship of Student Affairs. The Directorate of Student Activities also provides other student services such as student accommodation; internship and training; career counselling; and supporting the election of the students’ representatives in the Student Council. Students can access more info at Student Guidebook. Moreover, the Human Resources Directorate arranges many activates to help staff lead healthy lives. Staff can spruce up their work spaces and bring a bit of nature to their desks thanks which affordable plants and plant care workshops to AU’s community.

4th Equal Opportunities Conference

The emergence of Covid19 and the resultant public health crisis has brought societal inequalities into sharp relief. How different countries have chosen to respond is not only shaping the current moment but is also having a crucial impact on the shape of the future; on who has access to vital resources and who is denied.

This year’s conference will focus on the way in which the global pandemic is shaping our collective futures in new and unexpected ways and what that means to the ongoing objective of equal opportunities. More specifically how has and how should activity in the fields of health, education, law and business respond to what might be considered a pivotal moment that will set the direction and economic & social impacts for the coming decades.

Decades in which responses to climate change, public health crises and economic imperatives must find a way to align with each other. What can be learnt from responses in health, education, law and business that serve to advance the objectives of equal opportunities? What must we do to avoid losing ground and ensure that the drive to maintain and build more equal opportunities and equitable futures continues unabated? We invite you to submit 15-20 minute papers and presentations which explore specific elements of these broad questions

Mental Disorders

Mood disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorders, and other mental disorders could be due to obesity which is a prevalent condition among majority of population nowadays, whereas changes in anxiety level of individuals are also thought to have an influence on body mass index (BMI). [8]


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