Art Journaling for Emotional Self Care

Event Details

Start Date:



12:00 PM - 1:30


Ahlia University - Theatre

The College of Business and finance are cordially invites you to attend “Art Journaling for Emotional Self-care”. Seats are limited, for participations Kindly contact via 17298986 or


In this workshop, Participants will be able to:

  • Practice emotional self care.
  • Use art as a self awareness tool.
  • Explore their inner world.

Need to know:

  • For ages 21+
  • Focused on emotional well-being
  • Only 10 spots available
  • Beginner-friendly art exercises.

About the Instructor:

Asrar Al Taifi is a multi-disciplinary wellness practitioner, artist, facilitator, and developing entrepreneur. As an artist and facilitator, she leads therapeutic art journaling sessions to groups who value creativity, authenticity, and wellbeing. As an emotional health coach, she offers healing sessions to Highly Sensitive People who are looking for compassionate sanctuary and self recovery. As a movement teacher and lifelong student of the human body, Asrar offers a somatic, physiotherapy-based yoga practice for people seeking to move in an active, fluid, and self-devoted way. Her dream is to cultivate a network of trust with people who share a passion for art, health, and giving. Asrar’s markers for business success are:
1) healthy personal impact.
2) active contribution to the wellness and harmony of our societies, wherever we are in the world.


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