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The Vision of the College of Medical & Health Sciences is to be a local, regional and international leader in health care education, by promoting excellence in professional practice, research and community service.

  • Produce health care professionals who are able to respond effectively to the needs of the community and the region, while remaining sensitive to the socio-cultural values and beliefs.
  • Conduct innovative health care research that addresses local, regional and international needs, and advances the frontiers of knowledge.
  • Provide students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary for local and regional employment in the health care professions
  • Provide degree programmes that are based on attainment of clear intended learning outcomes that are congruent with the needs of the health profession
  • Provide faculty development activities
  • Implement research activities that are commensurate with faculty interest and programme areas of concentration and that tackle significant health care issues within the region and internationally
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in research and community service with a focus on rehabilitation and health care.
  • Recruit students with a diversity of backgrounds, experience and personal goals for the program, and who meet or exceed academic requirements for the programme