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Mr. Husain Mohamed Habib

Director of Professional Relations

The Professional Relations Directorate is one of the most important directorates in Ahlia. The directorate provides great service to the students and faculty by providing links to the public and private sectors in Bahrain to help students get internships, jobs and work experience.

The directorate helps to establish relations between the academic staff and industry in order to provide consultancy, training and research. Alumni follow up is one of the activities of the directorate through its Alumni club. Career counseling and the career day is one of many of the major events organized by the Professional Relations Directorate.

To put simply, we create the professional relations between all stake holders for the benefit of our students, our graduates, our faculty and our beloved country.

The Professional Relations Directorate is based in the Deanship of Student Affairs. Our role has two aspects:

  • To provide a link between all final year students and the employment market; both public and private sectors.
  • To provide services to Ahlia graduates, covering social, developmental and career-related activities.

Our Services:
We provide a valuable and practical service to all students and graduates of Ahlia University and contribute in helping Ahlia graduates become the number one choice for the public and private sectors. Directorate staff visit major companies and public sector organisations in Bahrain to discuss their employment and training needs and arrange training and employment opportunities for all graduates of Ahlia.
Our services are as follows:

Sourcing practical training opportunities (internship) in the public and private sectors:
The Professional Relations Directorate contact and visit employment and training departments in the public and private sectors throughout Bahrain in order to create real opportunities for training our students, whatever their programme. After establishing the number of training vacancies each organisation can provide, an academic supervisor and organisation supervisor are appointed to track and report on the performance of each student. Each student also submits five reports throughout the duration of their internship, describing the skills and experience they have gained. In line with the Ahlia University training strategy, we aim to provide opportunities for all Ahlia students to experience the working environment and to understand and develop skills in communications and work ethics alongside practical skills. 

Helping to recruit students into the public and private sectors:
The Professional Relations Directorate liaises with private companies and public organisations to facilitate the recruitment process via the Ahlia Careers Day. The Directorate aims to provide students with information on graduate training and career opportunities available to them. We also aim to inform students on employer requirements, the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required by each profession and to provide guidance and assistance to those who wish to improve their professional skills. We provide employers with detailed information on our graduates and help them to find the best qualified graduate employees.

Conducting events to develop both practical and soft skills for students and graduates:
Ahlia University believes in the importance of preparing students to enter the employment market.  Developing the right skills, understanding employer needs and helping students take advantage of the opportunities  available to them is critical to our graduates’ success. The Professional Relations Directorate host a number of events both on and off campus to help our students prepare for a successful future in the world of work.

Conducting field visits for training and employment :
The Professional Relations Directorate, in cooperation with the Ahlia Colleges, organises regular field visits to public and private organisations. This helps students understand the functions of departments and different job roles within companies or organisations and aids their decision-making about career choices.

Cooperation with public and private institutions for student research:
The Professional Relations Directorate actively liaises with organisations to promote research. Our students carry out a wide variety of research projects in their academic work at Ahlia, and many organisations partner with us to support student research activities. The Directorate manages all aspects of the research partnership from registering the students and assigning an academic supervisor and acts as the link between the company or organisation and the student.


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