Directorate of Professional Relations

Ahlia University

Directorate of Professional Relations

The Professional Relations Directorate is one of the most important directorates in Ahlia. The directorate provides great service to the students and faculty by providing links to the public and private sectors in Bahrain to help students get internships, jobs and work experience. The directorate helps to establish relations between the academic staff and industry in order to provide consultancy, training and research. Alumni follow up is one of the activities of the directorate through its Alumni club. Career counseling and the career day is one of many of the major events organized by the Professional Relations Directorate. To put simply, we create the professional relations between all stake holders for the benefit of our students, our graduates, our faculty and our beloved country.

Our team

Mr. Husain Mohamed Habib

Director of Professional Relations

Responsible for promoting the interest of the Ahlia University in strengthening its relationship with private and public institutions within the kingdom of Bahrain. The DPR is supervising, organizing and monitoring the work process of three departments, namely, internship, alumni and career counselling.

Ms. Wasan Al Sawad

Internship Officer

Counsel and advise students and alumni on matters related to planning for an academic program, choosing an educational or career goal. Organize seminars and workshops related to academic planning and career development in liaison with the academic departments.