Legal Affairs & Compliance Unit

Welcome to the homepage for Ahlia’s University Legal Affairs & Compliance Unit.

Unit Role

  1. Be the primary University representative in responding to and/or reporting to government investigations and queries.
  2. Provide in-house legal advice and counseling to the University through its administrators, faculty and staff in the course of their duties.
  3. Administer the University’s grievance and dispute resolution procedures.
  4. Provide policy/law/regulation interpretation.
  5. Manage actual or threatened litigation in which the University is involved.
  6. Provide legal advice in drafting and reviweing agreements, contracts, memoranda and other legal documents.
  7. Seek to ensure compliance and adherence to the legal and regulatory obligations imposed by the University, government and other oversight agencies.
  8. Develop and implement a University-wide compliance program.
  9. Work with senior management to identify compliance areas.
  10. Detect compliance issues and suggest corrective actions.
  11. Seek to ensure that all appropriate employees are knowledgeable of legal and regulatory obligations.
  12. Provide all employees with an opportunity to report issues of potential non-compliance in a manner that preserves confidentiality.

Important Notice

Dear Students:

Ahlia University is happy to announce that we are starting face to face teaching from Oct 17th 2021 for those who have selected face to face teaching mode. Please click the link below to view the Health and Safety guidelines for Attending Classes on campus.
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