Training on Environmental aspects of Sustainability

Ahlia University

Ahlia University” in the environment competition in Dubai

A team of Ahlia University students participated in the scientific competition on the impact of a number of factors on the environment, which was organized by the Emirates Environmental Society for university students in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries on November 21 and 22 last, in the Information Village in Dubai.

The university team was composed of students: Raghadan Abdul Rasoul, Maryam Badr, Ahmed Al
Kooheji, and Ahmed Janahi, and the team was supervised by the Dean of Student Affairs at the
university, Hussein Dhaif.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahliyya University is participating for the second year in this competition, which this year bore the number (7), and 45 universities and colleges from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait participated, through which students prepared studies and research on the impact of global temperature rise on living organisms and life. Innate nature, the possibility of greening the desert, and the impact of urbanization outside cities on the environment, which is the topic that was addressed in the research of students at the National University.


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