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Training Session-IEEE Computer Society Digital Library IEEE

The library at Ahlia University strives to provide continuous professional support for its users. In continuation of this effort, Mrs. Michelle Tubb from the IEEE conducted a training on various aspects related to the electronic resources offered. The training was delivered on Wednesday, November 15, 2022, at 11 a.m. via MS- eam.

The speaker provided a special training on that covered the following areas: 

  1. Introduction to the databases
  2. Demonstration of searching through examples, encompassing all interfaces and functionality provided by service providers.
  3. explanation of the different search methods to extract the information from the databases.
  4. Overview of one or both platforms
  5. How to view, access, and download content; make use of improved search functionalities as well as other tools
  6. Patron and administrator account levels: how to download usage reports and manage your account effectively
  7. Q&A session at the end of the training

How to transform your relationship with money?

The College of Business and finance cordially invites you to attend a workshop titled “How to transform your relationship with money” on Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 11:00 AM in the theater hall.

About Daleel: Daleel is a financial marketplace that allows customers to search, compare and find the right financial products for themselves.

Founded in Bahrain as the brainchild of three tech enthusiasts, Daleel is on a mission to simplify the world of finance. Over the years, we’ve struggled with finding the right financial products for ourselves. We found the whole process to be long, tedious and overwhelming. Until one day we had enough of that, and decided to do. something about it. Daleel was founded to help you save time, make better choices and grow your wealth. We’re committed
to improving financial wellbeing in the MENAP region and helping customers like yourself lead healthier lives. But why are we passionate about that?  Because, financial wellness is critical to our overall health. When people talk about health and wellness, they talk about the importance of exercise, good food and a good routine – but not necessarily what’s in your bank account. And in a region where financial stress looms large, we feel like it is our responsibility to step up and help people take charge of their finances in a better way.


  1. Ms. Ridaa Shah, Daleel Co-Founder.
  2. Mr. Pk Shrivastava, Daleel Co-Founder.

How to transform your relationship with money

Free training workshops for all interested in Arabic calligraphy

Within the activities of the Arabic Calligraphy Forum at Al-Ahlia University
Free training workshops for all those interested in the art of Arabic calligraphy

The Chairman of the Community Service Committee at Al-Ahliyya University, Prof. Fouad Shehab, called on the students and graduates of the University and the general public to preregister in the free training workshops in the field of Arabic calligraphy, which will be held by the University within the activities of the first forum of the National University for Arabic Calligraphy, on Tuesday and Wednesday, corresponding to the eleventh and twelfth of this April.

Shihab explained in a press statement that Al-Ahlia University organizes the first forum for Arabic calligraphy under the slogan “A Heritage Renewed”, under the patronage of the Founding President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Abdullah bin Yousef AlHawaj, including an art exhibition that includes the creations of leading Bahraini professional calligraphers, and training workshops in the field of Arabic calligraphy, in conjunction with the day of celebration and celebration of the Arabic manuscript on April 4 of each year, which was called for by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO), where it aims to The forum is to embrace the university of talented Bahraini calligraphers and highlight this ancient Arab art.

Shehab said that the door to participate in the training workshops is open to all students and members of the university, as well as to all members of the community interested in the art of calligraphy and wishing to acquire professional skills in this field, noting that there are two workshops for beginners that provide an introduction to the art of Arabic calligraphy in terms of its origins and history, and everything related to calligraphy from artists, paintings and tools, and also provide an introduction to the calligrapher’s pen types, forms, features of each type and places of use.

He added: “We will also offer two professional workshops targeting amateurs and professionals in the art of calligraphy, the first to introduce calligraphers to how to complete paintings accurately and professionally and the steps required for this, which are on two axes: theoretical and practical, and the other is a writing workshop open to professional calligraphers, in which they practice writing directly in front of the public.

He said that all the workshops accompanying the exhibition will start after four o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock, to allow all those wishing to benefit from them to participate, whether they are university students, graduates or the general public.

The Community Service Committee, headed by Prof. Fouad Chehab, plays a community role in advancing development, with the aim of meeting the various developmental needs of society, which is the third function of the National University after teaching and scientific research, where the University seeks to provide diverse programs to the local community in the skill, cultural and social fields, with a keen interest in keeping pace with the changes and developments in information and communication technology and knowledge management and organization.

Free training workshops for all interested in Arabic calligraphy

Free training workshops for all interested in Arabic calligraphy

Online Session

“Online Session Available. Please book our online session with the Library irectorate from 8th of April 2020 onwards, 8am-2pm only (Sunday – Thursday)”

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Prof. Mansoor Alaali, President of Ahlia University is one of the debate panelists an online webinar event organized by Applied HE - Squaring the Circle Debate... “Online Learning Will Never Replace Face -to- Face Learning and Teaching”, which will take place on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 , at 4:00pm (Bahrain Time) Online webna

Ahlia Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) – Entrepreneurship Day

Ahlia Center for Entrepreneurship was focused on the “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”, as a recognition of its importance and crucial role in promoting entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs. The event was an opportunity to celebrate entrepreneurship as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week and to inspire all those who desired to start their own businesses and would like to have a positive and lasting impact on their society


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