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As one of the five colleges of Ahlia University, the College of Engineering strives to provide excellence in teaching and research in a stimulating learning environment conducive to creativity and innovation.

The College is committed to producing competent well-rounded graduates in the field of Computer, Telecommunication and Network engineering, who are able to meet new challenges and responsibilities in a technology driven society. It aims to help students to acquire transferable skills needed in their professional life and develop their critical, creative and analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

The College offers a rigorous and broad-based education, with provision for a substantial amount of specialisation in the final year of study.

Courses in computer and communication engineering include topics such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, embedded systems, analogue and digital communications systems and digital signal processing.

Courses in mobile and network engineering include topics such as analogue and digital communications, wireless and multimedia communications, data networks and communication networks.

Our Vision

To be internationally recognised as a leading provider of engineering education and research, through distinctive programmes that produce globally competitive engineering professionals.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality programmes that foster creativity, innovation, and life-long learning skills, in a collegial and dynamic learning environment that empowers learners to achieve their full potential.

Our Goals

Dean's Message

Dr. Ahmed Jedidi


Welcome to the College of Engineering at Ahlia University, where education and research are delivered in high standard nationwide. Engineering college considers as the main key driver for future sustainable development over the world. Our college goal is to promote a confident and healthy learning environment that accepts students with various background and multi-cultural ethnics, to produce qualified graduates, with right skills and adequate talent, ready to be engaged in different engineering disciplines such as a computer, communications, networks, electronics, hardware or software, information technology, and much more.

The College of Engineering at Ahlia University is the appropriate choice for students who are looking for an exciting and rewarding career. The quality of college’s programmes and graduates reflect our relentless determination to deliver up-to-date courses that are responsive to the rapid changes in engineering sector and employer’s and societal need. The College of Engineering offers four-year bachelor’s Degrees Programmes. Including Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Communication Engineering (BSCCE) and bachelor’s degree in Mobile and Network Engineering (BSMNE). Our Programmes maintained high quality standards and sustained it quality by obtaining confidence status by Bahrain Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) and placed on National Qualification Framework at level 8.

The college is keen to attract international outstanding faculty members with cutting edge research, willingness to share their knowledge, experience and remarkable innovation, beside talented graduates to work as teaching assistants and offers opportunities for outstanding Bahraini members to peruse their postgraduate studies within affiliated international universities. Leveraging resources includes labs equipped with the latest technology and modern equipment.

College of Engineering provides our students with a balancing world-class education and hands-on experience through lectures, research, internships, student club activities, fields trip, local and regional competitions to enable them to become thinker and doers. Our approach reflects the educational needs of the golden age of technology and information with a commitment to long-life learning, the ability to work in multidisciplinary settings, integration of research, teaching and coaching, and an appreciation of creativity and innovation.

The college is seeking diligently to serve the engineering profession, Bahrain kingdom society, and the international community through organizing courses, specialized workshops, conferences, symposium, and participation in scientific meetings held locally and worldwide. The college is working closely with the relevant sectors to ensure that we are producing qualified graduates meets their marketing needs and their capacity for the future. Furthermore, engineering college collaborating with regional stakeholders to flourish the economy and develop society.

Consistent with our vision to be a leader in research, and dissemination of knowledge, our faculty members are active in research and they publish their articles in international scientific journals as the college supports the engagement in research with national and regional impact.

I am privileged to serve as the dean for the college and look forward to meeting with faculty members, staff, our students, alumni and community partners hearing their comments, thoughts and ideas, working hand-by-hand to enhance existing programmes, to develop new opportunities in engineering research and higher education, to build the foundations of a new future, and impalement open minds and open doors strategy.

We will do our best together to ensure that your time at engineering college is high success and your brightness future becomes a reality.

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The Events include among other activities:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Panel debates

Biannual Graduation Project Exhibition 12/2023 – College of Engineering

The College of Engineering Induction Day (2023)

Exhibition of Engineering Graduation Projects

Closing the Skills Gap for Information Security

Engineering Day

Major Project Progress Session


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