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To Aspire to achieve preeminent position in the Middle East in engineering education and research, outstanding leadership to the profession, and in the application of cutting edge knowledge to the benefit of society.


To provide high quality programs through innovative and dynamic curricula designed to equip students with skills and knowledge they need to become globally competitive engineering professionals with a wide range of career choices in multiple industry sectors. The College is committed to maintaining a collegial, supportive, and diverse environment that encourages our students, faculty, and staff to achieve full potential to the best of their abilities.

  • Provide quality programs that foster student learning through a wide variety of instructional approaches.
    Offer students an in-depth knowledge of the discipline with critical thinking skills, experimentation skills, and problem solving skills.
  • Achieve student commitment to lifelong learning through a variety of technologies and research tools so each student can adapt their knowledge base to new situations.
  • Encourage faculty professional development to enhance a lifelong professional career with growth.
  • Encourage industry and government partnerships with faculty and students to enhance scholarship and learning.
  • Encourage students to be active in professional organizations under faculty mentorship.
  • Encourage faculty to maintain leading edge knowledge in current technologies to prepare students to be globally competitive upon graduation.
  • Motivate students to be sensitive to issues such as ethics, social responsibilities, and environmental protection.