Directorate of Admission & Registration

Ahlia University
We welcome applications from all students regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, nationality or physical or learning disability. Admission to AU is based on merit. We have a limited number of places available for each programme and suggest you apply well in advance of our deadlines. We hope you find all the information you need here.

Recruitment and Student Selection

Ahlia University offers high quality education which aspires to produce graduates who are distinguished by their professional competence, humanistic outlook and uncompromising ethics.

Ahlia University admission policy is responsible for ensuring the following:

Information to Applicants

Ahlia University materials are accurate, relevant, current, and accessible and provide information that will enable applicants to make informed decisions about their options. Ahlia University admission policy complies with the Bahraini Ministry of Education, Higher Education Council rules and regulations affecting the admission of students and credits transfer. To provide transparency of information for applicants, the course information, entry requirements are advertised in the prospectus and the website. Furthermore, all Ahlia University course related information is available in the Student Guide to Higher Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain Booklet produced by the Bahraini Higher Education Council and all approved programmes are listed under the Bahraini E-government website.


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Directorate of Admission & Registration

Ahlia University

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