undergraduate programmes – Special Needs Applicants

Ahlia University

The University welcomes special needs applicants to any of the undergraduate programmes that are offered. The University encourages that all applicants with health condition, disability, learning difficulties or any specific special need to declare their special needs in the application form. Your application will go through a Special Needs Admission Committee which assesses the potential of the candidate to succeed in their chosen academic programme and to consider the type of support you will require during your period of study at the University. Further, an applicant’s special needs status will be kept confidential and limited to relevant faculty and staff members only.

الجامعة الاهلية مدرجة ضمن الجامعات الموصى بالتحاق الطلبة السعوديين بها من قبل وزارة التعليم في المملكة العربية السعودية