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Directorate of Human Resources

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Luma Jasim

Director of Human Resources

The Human Resources Directorate welcome you all and wish you all the best. We exist here to serve Ahlia University most valuable assets, Human Resources. We are here to ensure the availability of information and services that are up to our employees needs and expectations.

This web page is designed to provide you with all you need related to your employment, however if you require any HR related information that is not available here please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Please look through the page and provide us with feedback so that we continue to improve our services.

The Human Resources Directorate works closely with all colleges, business units faculty and administrative staff of Ahlia University. The mission of the Directorate is to ensure adequacy of human resources and excellence in employee performance in order to support the overall Mission of the University: to attract and retain a highly qualified, diverse workforce and retain them through stable and credible work environment; equal opportunities for development and growth; and exemplary customer service through modern human resources techniques and methodologies.  The main functions of the Directorate are organized in three main sections: Employee Relations; Recruitment & Selection; and Professional Development.

About us 

The HR Directorate plays crucial role in managing and supporting Ahlia University’s human resources. It  encompasses various functions, including Employee Relations, Recruitment, and Training and Development. Each section carries specific roles and responsibilities that contribute to the overall success and effectiveness of the HR Directorate.


The mission of the Directorate of Human Resources is:

Strategic Pillar

The strategic pillar of the Directorate of Human Resources focuses on attracting, retaining, and engaging talent:

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Directorate of Human Resources

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