Professional Development

Ahlia University

Professional development at Ahlia University is recognized as an integral part of overall organizational development.
It is recognized as central to the enhancement of the quality, effectiveness and outcome of the university programs.  Ahlia University acknowledges that employees are the most valuable asset as such their continuous professional development is crucial to successful achievement of strategic goals.

Ahlia University is strongly committed to the professional development of the employees of various categories. The university is also committed to adhere to the standards set by the Higher Education Council (HEC) to spend a specific amount of its net revenue on professional development activities. This is manifested in its strategic plan as professional development is recognized as one of the important areas of consideration at strategic, operational, departmental and individual levels.

By training, developing, coaching and mentoring of various categories of employees, Ahlia University promotes excellence to ensure maximum impact on student learning.

Professional development also demonstrates a strong commitment of the University to develop and retain talented employees, encourages a culture of continuous learning and incremental performance improvements; and supports the employees to reach their full career potential.

Professional development in Ahlia University follows a systematic approach from the identification of professional development needs to the delivery of well-designed developmental activities that are aligned with those needs.  Annual Professional development plan preparation and implementation is coordinated by the HR Directorate.  All employees are encouraged to participate in the needs identification, suggestion of professional development activity, or participating in delivery of a professional development activity.

Professional development activities range from one hour symposium, interactive workshops, local or international conference, to educational opportunity toward a higher degree. Provision of professional development activities is done both internally through various colleges or centralized through HR directorate department and externally through collaboration with other institution or external provider. Request for professional development activity is to be done through Training Request Form (to be uploaded)

 Annual professional development plan

Generally contributes to the achievement of all university strategic goals and specifically to achievement of strategic goals 6 to “Attract and retain a motivated, highly qualified and experienced faculty and administrative staff who are committed to achieving the mission of the university” KPI 2.3, 2.4, 2.5.

Professional development plan include wide variety of activities usually identified based on the following:

  1. Training Need analysis
  2. Interviews/meeting with College deans and directors
  3. Consultation with staff at various level
  4. Faculty evaluation outcome
  5. Budgeting exercise
  6. Matters arising from various activities/exercises

Activities are categorized into groups as follows:

  1. Teaching Learning
  2. Teaching Aid and computer skills
  3. Research
  4. Administrative skills
  5. Others



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