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President Assistant for Media, Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing, Media and Public Relations department in Ahlia University (MMPR) leads the efforts in pursuing the missions of the of University by being a trusted first source of communications on behalf of the institution. The department plays a major role in serving the university, the students, alumni and our colleges and centers of excellence within local and regional communities. A leading institution for higher education, Ahlia University’s Mission is to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge and elevate the social and living standards of the society. In support of this mission, we are committed strategically to serve the University, through creative and factual endeavors, through stakeholder education, through responsible marketing and PR, and through community-building.

The Marketing, Media and Public Relations department was created in 2016 to merge departments and activities in digital media, branding, media production, marketing and public relations together under one umbrella to provide the University, faculty, staff, students, alumni and external stakeholders with a unified service.


Marketing, Media and PR works with various stakeholders of Ahlia University to become an outstanding regional and international academic institution by promoting the highest level of integrity in the achievement of excellence in education and research and within a broad range of high quality professional services to the community.


Through a university-wide Marketing, Media and PR our effort focus on honest, open and consistent communication, we provide the leadership needed to help the university create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with individuals and organizations vital to the university’s growth and development. Marketing, Media and PR bring our perspectives and strategies into university decision-making and planning. It provides leadership, expertise and services that enhance the quality and effectiveness of the university’s communications. It protects, reinforces and elevates the university’s reputation and builds public understanding of its distinctive qualities and the value, importance and impact of its work.

Providing timely and accurate financial information to key stakeholders while protecting university assets.

Provide all managerial levels with timely and accurate financial information.

Ensuring a sustainable financial structure for the University.

Maintain the university’s sound financial and internal control structure in alignment with University’s strategic plan.

Providing excellent service to all students in compliance with financial policies and procedures and all University rules and regulations.

Providing appropriate documentation and control for all financial transactions in accordance with the financial policies and procedures and also as required by law of the land.

Marketing, Media and PR core values reflect how we have pursued our plan as well as how we will fulfill our mission and realize our vision.

We encourage an environment of dialogue and discovery, where authenticity, integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect, collaboration and innovation are fostered. Ahlia University core values are essential to our vision, mission and values and they reflect how we have pursued our plan as well as how we will fulfill our mission and realize our vision.

Maintain strong brand equity through brand Management to combine market research, marketing planning, strategic marketing and corporate image issues management, to maintain a well-defined and consistently communicated brand identity.

Produce a planned social media posting to support brand and reputation and student recruitment.

Produce a series of planned publications to support the university, colleges and directorates with updated and accurate collateral.

Continuously revise and enhance the University website to raise awareness of the University, quality, research & teaching.

enhance the MPC’s images and video Infrastructure.

Plan and execute all events and Support Events all AU units.

Ensure coverage of all events in accordance to AU objectives and planner through PR and media relations.

Continuous development of staff and Initiatives to improve productivity and efficiency.


Ahlia Website

Digital Marketing

Media Production Center


Public and press Relations


Mr. Oday Al Hubail

Director of Media Production Centre

Ms. Tasneem Al Haddad

Head of Communications and Content Management

Mr. Husain Al Sabbagh

Head of Press and Publishing

Mr. Yousif Al Hawaj

Head of Events and Marketing

Mr. Sadeq Abduljabbar

Photography Officer

Mr. Hani Ismail

Administrative Officer

Ms. Fadheela Qamber

Assistant Officer

Mr. Ali Almajed

Web Assistant Officer

Mr. Sadeq Abduljabbar

Photography Officer

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