Dr. Thaira Mohammed Qasim Al Shirawi

Dr. Thaira Mohammed Al Shirawi is an Assistant Professor at the College of Business and Finance, Ahlia University. Her research interests focus on strategy-as-practice, entrepreneurship, gender, and knowledge-based economy.  Her career has spanned over a number of industries including the banking, investment and ICT industries, and has contributed in her capacity in various senior management roles in those industries. She has also volunteered for consultancies in a number of organisations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

She joined Ahlia University in 2009, and has played a major role in the advancement of the university’s marketing and public relations efforts.  She is a member of a number of academic and professional bodies, and is actively engaged within the community.

Main Responsibilities

Supervise the activities of the Media, Marketing, and PR directorates. The role covers provisions of guidance and assistance to the employees in these areas, monitoring of performance and overseeing the implementation of various campaigns, news release…etc.