Multiple The George Washington University Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management

The Engineering Management and Systems  Engineering (EMSE) Off-Campus Programmes Office at the George Washington University (GWU), USA, offers  a  Master of Science Degree Program in Engineering Management in the Kingdom of Bahrain at Ahlia University that is designed to develop leaders for technically oriented organisations and prepare them for the future.

The GW/AU Master of Science programme in Engineering Management teaches employees of engineering, business, and technical organisations to complement technical knowledge with managerial skills.  The GW Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering in collaboration with Ahlia University brings  its time-honored education programs to a convenient location in the Middle East. The field of Engineering Management with a focus on Engineering and Technology Management (E&TM) bridges the gap between engineering and management. It involves the overall management of organisations oriented to manufacturing, construction, engineering, and technology or production. E&TM enables engineers to function more effectively in the business environment.

A Master of Science degree in Engineering Management provides a technical-based alternative to traditional MBA programs. Practitioners specialise in such areas as management of technology, product and process, quality, organisational management, operations management, programme management or marketing and finance.

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