The George Washington University Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management

Ahlia University

The curriculum of the EMSE Master of Science degree program requires 11 graduate level courses totaling 36 credit hours. Two types of course requirements are included in the master’s curriculum-core course requirements and focus course requirements, including a research dissertation. Core course requirements are taken by all students in the EMSE master’s degree program. Focus course requirements address specialized topics that, as a whole, provide the level of detail necessary for management proficiency in particular engineering environments.

The field of Engineering Management with focus in Engineering and Technology Management (E&TM) bridges the gap between engineering and management. It involves the overall management of organizations oriented to manufacturing, construction, engineering, technology or production. E&TM enables engineers to function more effectively in the business environment. An M.S. degree in engineering management provides a technical-based alternative to a traditional M.B.A. program. Practitioners specialize in such areas as management of technology, product and process, quality, organizational management, operations management, program management or marketing and finance.

Program Requirements

Students applying for the master’s degree program in Engineering Management must meet the current entrance requirements of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). Ideal candidates for the programs will meet the following requirements.

  • Minimum grade point average of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher in the last two years of undergraduate study.
  • Grade of C or better in the two college calculus courses – this is a prerequisite to all graduate programs in the EMSE department. Applicants who do not meet this requirement in full but are otherwise qualified may be conditionally admitted and required to take an additional 3-credit hour course, EMSE 4197 – Special Topics: Quantitative Methods in Engineering Management, during the first year of graduate study at Ahlia University. If required, EMSE 4197 counts as the 12th course and the student’s program the requires 39 credit hours.
  • Received a bachelor’s degree in engineering, a physical science, mathematics, computer science, business administration, or information technology for a regionally accredited institution.

Note: GW considers a candidate’s entire background and all submitted materials when reaching an admission decision.

Application Procedure

The following documents should be submitted to the Admissions office at Ahlia University:

  • Completed graduate application form with a non-refundable application fee.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • Your Resume / CV
  • Any evidence provided by applicants from countries where English is not the official language to demonstrate proficiency in English will be helpful; for example, scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) or other appropriate English examinations.
  • A personal interview is also required.

You can apply through the Ahlia University website. To apply using the traditional printed application by mail, please call: +973 1729 8989.

Additional Information

Salah Alhamad, Ph.D.
Ahlia University Campus

Affrah Al-Saffar
Ahlia University Campus

Shahram Sarkani, Ph.D., P.E,
GW University Campus