Performance management

Ahlia University

Performance Management and Reviews


Performance management is an essential process to ensure appropriate performance of all units and employees leading to the achievement of the strategic goals of the university.  Performance management complements the implementation of the university strategic plan. Faculty evaluation and performance appraisal of administrative employees are essential process in performance management. Performance Management aims enable every employee to consistently perform as expected and excels in his/her performance. Excellence in performance leads to providing better quality service to all stakeholders, faster response, less mistakes, and less conflicts. In addition, Performance management aims at recognizing and identifying distinguished performers.  Among others, the system of performance management involves:  a clear performance expectations through formulation of individual objectives that are in line with the departmental/directorate or unit objectives, provision of support and resources needed, clear and immediate feedback to the employees to enable them to improve their performance and an overall performance management review. Performance Management is an on-going process that should contribute to building of a high performance culture.

Faculty Evaluation

The University conducts an annual evaluation for each faculty member. The evaluation involves several components aimed at evaluating faculty performance in all aspect of academic work. Major components of faculty evaluation are:

  • Student Online Evaluations of Instructors
  • Peer Evaluation
  • Chairpersons’ and Deans’ Evaluations
  • Graduate Studies and Research Evaluations
  • Quality Assurance Evaluations
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs’ Evaluations


Performance appraisal for Administrative staff

Performance appraisal is an integral part of the performance management process. Appraisal is done at the end of each year with the purpose of measuring employee performance and encouraging employee development.  Findings are used to evaluate merit pay, opportunities for advancement and professional development. It is important to consider the employee’s level of demonstrated performance during the specified review period and how it relates to the definitions of performance ratings, as well as the degree of applicability to the job. The appraisal measures selected traits including aspects such as professional knowledge, quality of work and productivity.  Overall rating should reflect and describe the employee’s performance.