Ahlia University

To be eligible for consideration for admission at the undergraduate level, an applicant normally should hold a recognized secondary school certificate or its equivalent. The requirements for admission stated by the University are in all cases the minimum demanded for admission, and their fulfilment by a candidate does not automatically ensure his/her selection. Candidates are selected from the most promising of the eligible applicants and up to the limits of available space determined by the University and the Bahraini Higher Education Council (HEC). Prior to enrolling in Ahlia University, citizens of non-GCC States should secure residence permits in the Kingdom of Bahrain; otherwise, their admission, granted conditionally, is subject to being rescinded at the discretion of the University.

Applicants holding secondary education certificates more than five years old are treated as mature students whose admission, irrespective of the degree programme applied to, is contingent on their passing placement tests in English and Mathematics.

Applicants who are denied admission or transfer to a programme offered by the University may appeal against the denial of admission/transfer decision.

Issuance of high school certificates using the e-government website


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