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To aspire to achieve a position of international distinction by offering outstanding quality programmes in the areas of humanities and sciences, with excellence in research responsive to the needs of the community.


To provide excellence in teaching and research in a stimulating learning environment conducive to creativity and innovation. The College is committed to producing competent graduates in the field of humanities such as journalism, media, public relations and languages with emphasis quality research in these areas. It also offers cutting edge courses in science disciplines to prepare students to meet the global challenges faced by modern organizations. In the field of interior design the College produces designers with the highest level of skills, creativity and adaptability.

  • Produce well-rounded graduates in the field of humanities and science who are able to meet new challenges and responsibilities in a technology driven society.
  • Motivate students to explore various academic interests and acquire diverse learning and research skills.
  • Help students to acquire transferable skills needed in their professional life.
  • Develop students’ critical, creative and analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Encourage quality research among faculty and students.
  • Enhance the quality of education by constantly monitoring teaching/ learning effectiveness and periodically reviewing College programmes.

The college encourages quality research among faculty and students, and faculty members attend and present papers at regional and international conferences and publish their research in reputable journals. Two faculty members have recently received the First Position Award of the Shaikh Rashid Bin Hmaid Award for Humanities and Social Sciences, Asia Award for the Best Professor in Information Technology Management and the Pride of India Award from the India-International Friendship Society (IIFS).

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