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As one of the five colleges of Ahlia University, the College of Arts & Science strives to provide excellence in teaching and research in a stimulating learning environment. The College is committed to producing competent well-rounded graduates in the field of humanities and science who are able to meet new challenges and responsibilities in a technology driven society. It seeks to help students to acquire transferable skills needed in their professional life and develop their critical, creative and analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

The College of Arts & Science aspires to achieve a position of international distinction by offering outstanding quality programmes in the areas of humanities and sciences, with excellence in research responsive to the needs of the community, enabling students to meet the global challenges faced by modern organisations. It also aims to enhance the quality of education in its programmes by constantly monitoring teaching/ learning effectiveness and periodically reviewing its academic programmes.

The College maintains a good relationship with the relevant industries. There are strong ties with the local newspapers, radio and T.V. personnel as well as various interior design organisations. This relationship enhances training and job opportunities for the College graduates.

Our Vision

To be recognised for excellence in multidisciplinary education and research, within a vibrant and dynamic learning environment, towards producing agents of positive change.

Our Mission

To offer a transforrnative learning experience through educational provision in the arts and sciences, by promoting adaptability, resilience, and global citizenship.

Our Goals

Dean's Message

Dr. Imad Assali


Welcome to the College of Arts & Science (AS) at Ahlia University. Arts & Science demonstrates excellence in Mass Communications & Public Relations (MCPR) and Interior Design (INTD). It exemplifies Ahlia University’s commitment to academic excellence as well as contributes to the University’s status as a great global community research university in Bahrain with a view to solving real world problems through quality in research while providing relevant and substantial skills to its students.

In AS, we provide our students with strategies that help them develop their critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate efficiently as well as advancing the cutting edge of knowledge through investigation and innovative activity. We develop a wide-ranging intellectual foundation that prepares students for a lifetime of education, growing in a rapidly altering world, as well as becoming leaders in a diverse and global society. We do our best to prepare our students for a hard and active search for truth. We generate and foster relationships with our students that guide our planning. We promote quality, identify excellence and ensure integrity directed towards the service of the common good.

The AS strategy uses a hypothesis-driven tactic to establish brands that differentiate the College from its peers. We are acquainted with macro styles in order to control our strengths and identify techniques to improve. Recently, we have started to redesign the classroom through extraordinary-structure active-learning systems for which our faculty have received national recognition. In the College, we provide opportunities for students to acquire entrepreneurial skills and to achieve a global education. Our students acquire many strengths which allow them to become game-changers in these evolving areas of significance.

Finally, our students are our motivation for existence. It is our concern to provide them with a sound, open-minded arts education, so they become the most effective idea creators and knowledge correspondents of the upcoming generation. We prepare our students to acquire the real knowledge that allows them to be leaders in an ever-changing global context.

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The Events include among other activities:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Panel debates

Design Education Outside the Classroom

Applications of Mathematics in our Daily Lives

The College of Arts & Science Induction Day (2023)

Annual Dean’s list student honoring

Launch of the new BA in English & Translation Program

The College of Arts & Science Induction Day (2022)


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