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Job Interview Preparation Advice

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Preparing for an interview primarily means taking time to thoughtfully consider your goals and qualifications relative to the position and employer. To accomplish this, you should perform research on the company and carefully review the job description to understand why you would be a good fit.

Here are the steps to preparing for an interview:

  1. Carefully examine the job description.
  2. Be prepared to explain your interest in the job opportunity and why you’re the best person for the role.
  3. Visit the company’s website and social media accounts and Perform research on the company (its products and services, recent achievements, vision and mission and objectives).
  4. Prepare your answers to common interview questions. Such as:
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What interests you about this role/job?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  1. Practice your speaking voice and body language. Conduct a mock interview if possible.
  2. Sell yourself. Whatever accomplishments you have, don’t be modest about sharing them during your interview. Your potential employer wants to know that you’ll be the right fit and that you can deliver something to the company, so they need to know all the reasons that you can provide that for them.
  3. Prepare your own questions for the interviewer(s). Most interviewers will ask you if you have any questions for them (usually at the end of the interview). Many employers feel confident about candidates who ask thoughtful questions about the company and the position. Here are some examples:
  • What does a typical day look like for a person in this position?
  • (You can ask your interviewer(s)): Why do you enjoy working here?
  • What qualities do your most successful employees have?
  • I’ve really enjoyed learning more about this opportunity. What are the next steps in the hiring process?
  1. Get ready to follow up after the interview. After your interview, you should prepare to follow up with the employer. Doing so reminds the

employer of your conversation, shows them you are genuinely interested in the position and gives you the opportunity to bring up points you forgot to mention.

(For more details on how to prepare for your interview, visit: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/interviewing/how-to-prepare-for-an-interview)

Work ethics

A strong work ethic is an important part of being successful in your career. Work ethic is a set of values based on the ideals of discipline and hard work. Building a strong work ethic will allow a person to train themselves so that hard work is almost automatic. Forming good habits such as focusing, staying motivated, finishing tasks immediately, and more helps to create a good work ethic that will impress employers.

Here are some of the important work ethics:

  1. Focus and persistence. People with a good work ethic have the ability to stay focused on their tasks to get them done. Building persistence will allow you to train yourself to work for longer periods of time while also working harder. It is important though, to take enough rest to reduce the risk of burnout.
  2. Finish tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Getting your tasks done right away is a good work ethic which also involves achieving proper and quality work.
  3. Always be punctual. Respecting time is an important aspect of work ethic.  Whether virtual or face-to-face meeting appointments or task completion deadlines, being on time implies that you have respect for your company and job responsibilities.
  4. Be professional. People who want to develop a good work ethic should practice being cordial and positive and should always refrain for partaking in gossip. Professionals are respectful of others and work to develop a reputation of being an honest, hard worker.
  5. Create a work life balance. Working too much can cause you to become overwhelmed and start messing up work. Getting enough sleep and taking the time need to recharge and relax is very important.

(For more details on work ethics, visit: https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/performance-tips-developing-strong-work-ethic)


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