When & Where to Intern?

Ahlia University

Any student who has completed 90 or more credits in the undergraduate programme and has a minimum university CGPA of 2.00 is eligible to undertake the internship programme.
Finding and applying for Internship

  1. The student can choose the place of internship with the approval of the directorate of Professional Relations.
  2. Normally the students who want to do internship should start searching for a workplace for internship one semester before the beginning of the internship.
  3. Normally the student should start the internship with the beginning of a semester and finishes by the end of the same semester.
  4. The Internship coordinator can assist the student in finding an internship and may already have available internship positions.
  5. In a case where the student gets an internship in the middle of a semester or not in a running semester, an approval is needed from the Dean of Student Affairs.
  6. Students may or may not get stipend during the period of internship from the employers of the workplace.
  7. If the student is already a full time employee, the student may change his/her department for a period of two months with approval from the work place and from the Dean of Student Affairs.
  8. Students are not encouraged to undertake INTR 400 if he/she took all the core elective courses. In a case where it was a good opportunity that the student can’t turn down, then an approval is needed from the Dean of Student Affairs.
  9. In a case where the student started an internship in an organization and found a better opportunity somewhere else, the student must inform the internship coordinator to discuss and guide the student to what he/she should do next.
  10. If the student didn’t want to continue with his/her internship, the student can drop INTR 400 and add two core electives instead.



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