Sustainability in Education

Ahlia University

One of the strategic objectives of Ahlia University is to create an exceptional learning environment characterized by high quality academic and co-curricular programs, excellent and innovative teaching, to prepare students for success in the global labor market and to contribute to the prosperity of society.

The University ensures sustainability in education by focusing on the learning process which includes themes such as citizenship, leadership, lifelong learning, experiential learning, and sustainability literacy.
The University provides many sustainability-related courses in which students are exposed to sustainability in various fields. Ahlia University provides an active student-centered learning environment in which sustainability is also actively supported.

Students learn together and from each other, in and out of the classroom, to become critical and engaged citizens. Concepts of and strategies for sustainability are integrated into AU programming, pedagogy and assessment, equipping the students and staff with the skills, values, experiences, and perspectives to address the current real-life challenges. The University providse a range of teaching and learning strategies including internships that provide students with opportunities to enhance their employability and which fosters lifelong learning.

In the light of its vision, values and the goals and strategic objectives, AU has a clearly articulated philosophy regarding teaching and learning.  AU’s philosophy of teaching and learning is composed of two central ideas:

  • To provide a learner-centred environment that promotes excellence, intellectual curiosity and independent learners
  • provide a transformative learning experience so that graduates not only have the knowledge, skills and competencies required by their disciplines but have developed the attributes to be robust engaged members of society with a strong moral code.