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Dr. Rafeeqa Abdulla Bin Rajab

Assistant Professor – College of Arts & Science – Mathematical Sciences, Languages ​​and General Studies Dept.

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Bachelor’s degree in Arabic language from Baghdad University

Diploma in Education from the University of Bahrain with excellent grades

Master’s degree in rhetoric from Ain Shams University in Cairo with excellent grades

Ph.D. in rhetoric from Ain Shams University in Cairo with distinction, with first class honors

Some of the lectures I participated in during the past two years:
1 A lecture at the Sanad Cultural Club entitled Our identity is Arabic 2020
2 lecture at the Kano Cultural Center entitled: The culture of jewelry and the aesthetics of speech.
3 A lecture at the Bin Rajab Cultural Council entitled: A critical study on the book Al-Budaiya.
4 lectures at the Bahraini Women’s Association entitled:
Where is our Arabic language?
On the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language 2019
5 A lecture at the Association of the Handicapped and their Friends entitled The Coastal Culture System.
6 Managing the dialogue in the Bin Rajab Cultural Council of Dr. Nader Kazem and his lecture on Rooting Tolerance.
7 Department of dialogue in Jidhafs Center for poets Hanadi Al-Jowder and Muhammad Al-Sayadi.
8 A lecture at Al-Uruba Club entitled A Dialogue on the Book of Manifestations of Modernity by Ibn Al-Moataz Al-Abbasi
9 My participation in the second forum of Ahlia University by analyzing a poetry collection by Dr. Ali Omran
10 My management of the forum that was held at Al-Ahly University on the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language 2020

Scientific publications:
First book:
Language skills book (1) with four professors.

The second book:
The Manifestations of Modernity in the Book of Layers of Poets by Ibn Al-Moataz Al-Abbasi, a stylistic study.

Third book:
The psychology of receiving in the book The Walking Parable of Ibn al-Atheer, a stylistic study.
Fourth book:
Text pulse stylistic study

Scientific research:

The first: a research entitled (the overlap between the terms eloquence and rhetoric)

It has been published in the Journal of the Court of Human Sciences in the Netherlands.

The second: a research entitled (The Model of Beauty in the Poetry of Omar bin Abi Rabia) published in the Journal of the Human Sciences at the University of Bahrain.

The third: a research entitled (Pilgrims in the Book of Statement and Clarification) by Al-Jahiz.

Published in the peer-reviewed magazine, Cultural Papers in Lebanon

The fourth is a research entitled Aesthetic Elements in Ibn Al-Moataz Al-Abbasi’s book.

Published in the journal Cultural Papers in Lebanon.

Researching the system of beauty in the poem Poetry Point by the Sudanese poet Jihad Jamal
Published in the peer-reviewed journal Flash of Thought for Research 2020

Dr. Rafiqa bin Rajab
Ahlia University
Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Criticism

Teaching Areas

  • Arabic and culture

Research Areas

  • Arabic Rhetoric and criticism

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جمالية الانزياح في قصيدة قبل ان تطفئني

رفيقة, عبدالله, بن رجب, لايوجد

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رفيقة, عبدالله, بن رجب, لايوجد

التفكير النفدي والبلاغي في كتاب البديع

رفيقة, عبدالله, بن رجب, لايوجد

الحجاج في كتاب البيان

رفيقة, عبدالله, بن رجب, لايوجد

العلاقة الجدلية بين الترجمة والابداع

رفيقة, عبالله, بن رجب, لايوجد

تجليات الحداثة في كتاب طبقات الشعراء لابن المعتز العباسي دراسة اسلوبية

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