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Dr. Hameed Ebrahim Ali Matar

Assistant Professor / Chairperson of Mathematical Sciences, Languages ​​and General Studies Dept.

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Dr. Hameed Matar is an assistant professor of applied linguistics. He is currently the Chairman of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Languages and General Studies at Ahlia University, a position he has held for 4 years. Prior to joining Ahlia University, Dr. Matar was working at the University of Bahrain, where he spent around 35 years. During his work at Bahrain University, he served as Director of English Language Centre for four years. He was an assistant professor in the Department of English Language and Literature. The courses he taught included applied linguistics, writing and general language proficiency skills, as well as advanced English grammar. His main research interests centre around contrastive linguistics and error analysis. He has had a number of research papers published in academically refereed journals, regionally as well as internationally. He is now interested in translation, simultaneous interpretation and machine translation. The courses he teaches at Ahlia University include academic English, media translation and business writing skills.

Main Responsibilities


Teaching Areas

  • ILETS-benchmarked language courses
  • Media translation
  • Business writing skills

Research Areas

  • Contrastive Linguistics and error Analysis
  • Translation and simultaneous interpretation
  • Machine translation


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