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  • Professor Mansoor Alaali became President of Ahlia University in 2015.
  • He joined Ahlia University in 2009 after 20 years at the University of Bahrain.
  • He is a Chartered Engineer of the British Computer Society.
  • Professor Mansoor is a member of Bahrain National Qualification Framework’s Verification Committee.
  • He is a respected IT and business consultant, developing and advising on various major commercial and technical systems.


Prof. Mansoor Ahmed Al-Aali was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Aston in Birmingham, U.K., 1989. He has a M.Sc. in Computer Science (1984) from University of Aston in Birmingham, a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computing (1983) from Teesside University, UK.

He worked as a lecturer in the Computer Science department in the University of Bahrain from 1989 to 2009. He occupied a number of managerial positions in the University of Bahrain, University of Sunderland, Greenwich University, and Ahlia University and in a number of private and government organization. Prof. Mansoor worked as chairperson of the Computer Science Department (1991-1994) in the University, and the Director of Continuing Education (1996 – 2000) in University of Bahrain.

He joined Ahlia University in 2009 in the College of Information Technology and worked as the Dean of Student Affairs from 2005 to 2015. Currently, Prof. Al-Aali is the President of Ahlia University.

He worked as a leading IT consultant in Bahrain and developed solutions to a number of major commercial and industrial systems from 1989 to 2009. His consultancy roles included but not limited to: Selection of professional IT staff, analysis, design and project management of systems. He was a consultant for two major IT companies in Bahrain for staff recruitments and major system development for over 15 years. He worked for two years as Advisor to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for developing IT strategy and for training.

Prof. Al-Aali conducted numerous workshops and seminars in technical and non- technical fields such as: Human Computer Interaction, Project Management, Information Ethics, Professional Ethics, Professional Certifications, etc. He is a reviewer of a number of international journals and has numerous publications in international refereed journals and international conferences. He authored a number of international books and worked as editor and reviewer for a number of international journals and conferences. He participated as a committee member of a number of international conferences and as keynote speaker in a number of local, regional and international conferences.

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Data Mining Model for Better Admissions in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs)—A Case Study of Bahrain.

Dr. Subhashini, Prof. Mansoor

Contextual Data Mining for Higher Educational Institutions

Subhashini, Mansoor Al Aali, Kevin Lu

Profiling students on their course-taking patterns in higher educational institutions (HEIs)

Subhashini, Dr. Kevin Lu, Prof. Mansoor Al Aali

Student Performance and Time-to-degree Analysis By the study of course taking patterns using J48 Decision Tree Algorithm

Subhashini, Dr. Kevin J Lu, Prof. Mansoor Alaali

Context driven data mining to classify students of higher educational institutions

Subhashini, Dr. Kevin J Lu, Prof. Mansoor Al Aali

Facilitate decision making in Higher educational institutions by linking course-taking pattern and student performance characterized by contextual knowledge

Dr. Subhashini, Prof. Mansoor Al Aali