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Dr. Ammar Sami Mohamed Saleh Aldallal

Assistant Professor / College of Engineering – Chairperson of Telecommunication Engineering Dept.

Contact Information

  • Received his PhD from Brunel University.
  • Serves as a peer reviewer in a number of international journals.
  • Has more than 17 published papers.
  • He received a best paper and best presenter awards in a number of international conferences.


Ammar AlDallal, Chairperson of Telecommunications Engineering Department, Ahlia University. He holds Bachelor degree and Master degree in computer engineering from Kuwait University and  obtained PhD in computing and systems information from Brunel University in 2012. He taught more than 15 different courses in undergraduate and postgraduate related to software development, programming, algorithms, machine learning, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, computer security. He supervised a vast number of graduation projects and successfully supervised 8 master dissertations. AlDallal has more than 17 papers published in regional and international Journals that discuss several aspects related to information retrieval, computer security and machine learning. He serves as a peer reviewer in several international journals. He received a best paper and best presenter awards in several international conferences. He is a member of internal examiner committee of Master dissertations at Ahlia University, a member of Bahrain Society of Engineers and a senior member of IEEE. He is recognized by Brunel University London as a PhD Academic supervisor. Dr. AlDallal received the fellowship of teaching and learning from Higher Education Academy- UK. He worked as a System Programmer in International Turnkey Systems- Kuwait (1998 -2004) and a Senior System Analyst in International Turnkey Systems in Kingdom of Bahrain (2004 -2012).

Research Area

  • Information retrieval, genetic algorithm, computer security, artificial intelligence


Undergraduate (supervised with successful completion:

  • Mohammed Alhammadi, “Adaptive Control Of Traffic Signal Based On Traffic Density Controlled By CCTV”, (2018).
  • Mena Magdi, “Vacant Parking Detection and Reporting using Mobile Application”, (2018).
  • Salman Adel Salman Alhasan, project title: “An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective TSP” (2015)
  • Shareefa Abdulla Bohamood: “My Smart Robotdog” (2015)
  • Sayed Ali Alsada, project title: “Remote Control Bluetooth Enabled Vehicle”(2015)
  • Hasan Jawad Alafoo, project title: “Smart Home Automation and security system”(2015)
  • Rashed Seyadi, project title: “RFID based Secure Voting System for Bahrain National Assembly using Microcontroller”.(2015)
  • Abdulla Abduljalil Abdulla and Ali Ebrahim Khalil, project title: “Implementing and Securing Smart Car Parking”. (2016)
  • Alya A.Ameer Ismaeel, project title: “Cash In- Transit Security System”. (2016)
  • Jumana Abdulla Alsaeedi, project title:”Smart security systems for buildings”. (2016)
  • Ali Ebrahim Khalil Ebrahim Saleh and Abdulla Abduljalil Abdulla Ali Mahdi, “Implementing and Securing Smart Car Park” (2016)
  • Mohamed Rashed Abdulla Alhammad, “Smart Home for special needs using voice recognition” (2016)
  • Hala Fuad Yusuf Radhi and Fajer Hasan Yusuf Alasiri, “Patient ECG/EKG monitoring via micro-controller and mobile application”. (2016)
  • Amina Mohamed A.Ghani and Aysha Yusuf Alzallaqi, “Multi-park Monitoring and Management System.(2017)
  • Mahmood Mohammed Ali Alhasaei and Mohammed Abdulla Isa Hubail, “Smart Baby Care”, (2017)

Master: (supervised with successful completion):

  • Ameera Abul, Dissertation Title: “Network Thinking – A Novel Strategic View For Success In Organizational Networks”(2015)
  • Manal Alotaibi, Dissertation Title: “Evaluation of digital government applications in Bahrain” (2015)
  • Amina Abdul Aziz Al-Moosa, Dissertation Title: “Prediction For Heart Diseases And Diabetes Using Data Mining Techniques” (2016)
  • Kashif Mohammed Shabbir, Dissertation Title: “Securing Web Applications Against Cross-Site Scripting”(2016)
  • Bushra Saad Rashed Alshaer, Dissertation Title: “Perform Software Testing Using Genetic Algorithm”. (2016)
  • Zainab Naser, Dissertation Title: “The Power of Multimedia To Raise The Efficiency Of Education”. (2017)


  • “Exploring DOM-Based cross site scripting”, at Research Forum – Ahlia University on 23/4/2018.
  • “Securing Web Applications Against Cross-Site Scripting”, at Ahlia University on 7/12/2016.
  • “Using Genetic Algorithm with Combinational Crossover to Solve Travelling Salesman Problem”, at Ahlia University on 18/11/2015
  • “Improving genetic algorithm convergence in information retrieval using hybrid crossover” , at Ahlia University on 23/4/2014
  • Al-Dallal, Ammar:” The Effect of Hybrid Crossover Technique on Enhancing Recall and Precision in Information Retrieval”, Conference of World Congress of Engineering (WCE13), pp1571-1576, 3-5 Jul, 2013, London, UK
  •  Al-Dallal, Ammar; “Enhancing Recall and Precision in Web Search using Advanced Fitness Function”, CD-ROM/Online Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS). pp 29-41. 2012, 6-7 June, Munich, Germany.
  • Al-Dallal, Ammar and Abdul-Wahab, R.S.: “GA-based System for Achieving High Recall and Precision in Information Retrieval”. In Proceedings of Artificial Evolution 2011 (Evolution Artificielle 2011) 10th Biennal International Conference on Artificial Evolution, ISBN 978-2-9539267-1-2, 24-26 October, Angers, France, (2011).
  • Al-Dallal, Ammar; and Abdul-Wahab, R.S.; “Achieving High Recall and Precision with HTLM Documents: An Innovation Approach in Information Retrieval”, Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2011 Vol III. WCE 2011, 6 – 8 July, 2011, London, U.K.
  • Al-Dallal, Ammar; Shaker, R.; “Genetic Algorithm in Web Search using inverted index representation,” GCC Conference & Exhibition, 2009 5th IEEE, pp.1-5, 17-19 March 2009.
  • Al-Dallal, Ammar.; Abdul-Wahab, R.S.; , “Genetic Algorithm Based to Improve HTML Document Retrieval,” Developments in eSystems Engineering (DESE), 2009 Second International Conference on , vol., no., pp.343-348, 14-16 Dec. 2009.
  • K. Saleh and A. Al-Dallal, “Protocol synthesis using the Petri net model”, Ninth IASTED Intern. Conf. on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS’97), pp. 37-40, October, Washington, D.C., USA, 1997.
  • Accepted to Conference:
  • Ammar Al-Dallal , “Using Genetic Algorithm with Combinational Crossover to Solve TSP”, 7th International Conference on Evolutionary Computation Theory and Applications, 12-14 Nov 2015, Lisbon, Portugal


  • The Best Presentation award for the paper entitled “Enhancing Recall and Precision in Web Search using Advanced Fitness Function”.
  • Best paper award for the paper” Securing Web Applications Against Cross-Site Scripting”, in ISER 40th International Conference, Berlin, Germany, October 2016”

Teaching Areas

  • Introduction to computers and IT

  • Computer programming ( Java, visual basic)

  • Foundations of Computing

  • Mobile Enterprise Systems

  • Introduction to Information security

  • Computer security

  • Network security

  • Logic Programming and Knowledge Representative

  • Mobile application development

  • Digital Logic

  • Research Methodology for IT and Engineering

  • Bioinformatics Computing

  • Introduction to Artificial intelligence

Research Areas

  • Information Retrieval
  • Genetic Algorithms and their applications
  • Optimization problems
  • Computer security

Faculty Research

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