Event’s Presentations

Ahlia University
  • Prof. Amer Al-Roubaie – The Wealth of Nations: Human Capital for Sustainable Future Click to view
  • Prof. Ismail Mseer – التنمية المستدامة ؛ في القراءة الثقافية Click to view
  • Prof. Shawqi Al-Dallal – Colliding Neutron Stars, A New Era in Multi-messengers Astronomy Click to view
  • Dr. Adel Mohammed  Sarea – Financing universities through endowment: International Experience Click to view
  • Dr. Reda Amin – Mobile Journalism( MOJO ) The effects of reality and future bets Click to view
  • Dr Ahmed Jedidi – Detection and Monitoring Intra/Inter Crosstalk in Optical Network on Chip Click to view
  • Dr. Bahaaeddin Alareeni – Does Corporate Governance influence Earnings Management in Listed Companies in Bahrain Bourse? Click to view
  • Dr. Dalia Mohamed Kamel – 6th Ahlia University Annual Research Forum Click to view
  • Dr. David Bell – Data-driven simulation and strategic change Click to view
  • Dr. Gagan Kukreja – Diamond to Dust of Nirav Modi & Company: Big Hiccups of Punjab National Bank & Indian Banking System Click to view
  • Dr. Hasan Razzaqi – The Impact of Security Factors on E.Government from User Perspective Click to view
  • Dr. Mohamed Hasan – Optimal Experience in Teaching Click to view
  • Dr. Tillal Eldabi – Simulation of A&E Disaster Situations: introductory case Click to view
  • Dr. Ammar AlDallal – Exploring DOM-Based Cross Site Attacks Click to view
  • Dr. Hasan Kadhem – An Automated Mobile-Based Micro-Learning to Enhance Students’ Retention of Concepts and Skills Click to view
  • Mrs. Hawra Adel Moh’d – Assessing effect of technology Acceptance model (TAM) on customer satisfaction Click to view
  • Mr. Aziz Hasan
  • Mrs. Noora AlHusain