Dr. Muneer Al Mubarak, Dean of College of Business & Finance

Dean’s Welcome

The College of Business & Finance (CBF) at Ahlia University has been excelling in the fields of learning, research and community engagement. It offers several programmes in business education to help students acquiring adequate knowledge and skills not only to compete in the job markets, but also to become decision makers in a rapidly changing world. The college programmes are continuously improved in order to help students update their knowledge and acquire the skills they need to pursue their careers. The success behind our business programmes is driven by the dedication and quality of our diverse faculty members and the support given by the senior management of the University. Students and professionals find the learning environment in the college as a unique experience which adds to their knowledge, skills and personalities. The college provides full learning solutions where students can progress from BSc pogrammes to masters and PhD programmes. They can also obtain international professional certification during their learning journey in Ahlia University. All faculty and staff in the college are well educated and trained to help making students experience unique. The college is steadily expanding in its programmes and activities, gaining a well reputation in Bahrain and the region.
Best Wishes,
Dr Muneer Al Mubarak


College Mission Statement


 To be a world class leader in business education, by promoting excellence in learning, scholarship and service, with emphasis on meeting the changing needs of its stakeholders.


 To provide high quality business education through experiential learning in a collegial and intellectually stimulating environment. The college offers undergraduate and post graduate business programs that bridge the gap between theory and practice, nurture critical thinking, promote teamwork and prepare students to meet the challenges of globalization. The College is committed to continuous improvement in program quality through innovative curriculum to develop students becoming highly sensitive to social responsibility, devoted to professionalism and capable of leading and contributing to the economic growth of Bahrain and the Middle East region.

  • Offer outstanding business education to our students to become the future successful business leaders locally and globally.
  • Encourage students to learn how to learn(to be lifelong learners) and help them develop critical thinking, systems thinking, and analytical as well as problem solving skills.
  •  Motivate students to understand globalization and be sensitive to issues concerning ethics, social responsibility, and environmental protection.
  • Promote strong community engagement for our students, faculty and staff, for mutual benefits.
  • Offer cutting edge curriculum and create an environment (infrastructural resources etc.) conducive to excellence in learning.
  • Continually enhance faculty development program in all three areas of scholarship, teaching and service to have outstanding faculty in the business programs.
  • Seek opportunities to expand current business programs in areas such as: Executive MBA program, degree in Tourism, Islamic Banking and many more.

Core Competence

The College of Business and Finance at Ahlia University is the largest College within the University and offers five undergraduate programmes and three postgraduate programmes.

Our mission at the College is to enable our students to become the business leaders of tomorrow, learning not only the theoretical knowledge required but also cultivating the technical skills demanded by 21st century business.

The College teaches and trains students to become entrepreneurs, able to lead organisations competing in the international marketplace, by providing the latest knowledge and cutting edge skills required in conceptual understanding, problem solving abilities and analytical thinking skills.

We aspire to convey the knowledge, attitudes and skills vital to succeed in todays globalised business landscape where the new global economy, knowledge and information are keys to success to a lucrative future. If you are ambitious to become a world business leader of tomorrow, the College of Business and Finance can help you achieve your dream.


This course focuses on business internships that add a significant real-world component to studentsemployability. It provides the opportunity for students to earn academic credit while gaining valuable work experience under the mentorship of a business professional in different industry sectors, i.e. services and manufacturing. An individualised assignment arranged with students and different business organisations to practically provide guided experience in their field.  Students’ internship experiences are assessed via written internship reports that will be evaluated by the studentsorganisation supervisor and an assigned academic supervisor.

Over the past few years, our undergraduates have undertaken internships with some organisations such as: Ernst & Young, Bapco, BBK, Batelco, EDB, AL Baraka, CITI Bank, NBB, GPIC, KFH, AUB, Bahrain Credit, BIPA, VIVA, Medpoint and Zain.



The students are provided with high quality theoretical, analytical, problem solving, and practical skills in their fields of specialisation in the all programmes offered by the college.

In addition, the curricula of the programmes are designed to develop employability skills in students such as communication, leadership and teamwork, time and self-management, networking, negotiation, and information technology. Development of these skills is inbuilt in the curricula by including the courses such as English and communication, mathematical and statistical analysis, information technology, computer science, MIS, seminars and term projects, and internship. These skills are also developed through extra-curricular student activities and community work.

The students have a wide range of career opportunities after graduating in our programmes. The suggestive list where the students are employed are BAPCO, BATELCO, ALBA, NBB, BBK, Khaleeji Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, various ministries such as Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Interiors, Project Management Office, and Higher Education Council, in the fields of HR, marketing, E-governance, general administration, quality control, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing, information systems, etc.


Our faculty members are very active in research.

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If you would like to know more about our programmes we would love to hear from you. Call Dr Muneer Almubarak on 17298999 (ext.8983) or email on malmubarak@ahlia.edu.bh or call Bibi on 17298999 (ext. 8986) or email on  balmahdi@ahlia.edu.bh  or pop in and visit us.


Research Seminars conducting by the college

  1. 8th March 2017, Prof. Jassim Al Ajmi, AACSB Intellectual contribution and how its advanced business & management theory, practice and education. Gallery

  2. 27th February  2017, Dr. Maria SaberiExperience with the Windsor Leadership Trust-Women in Leadership Programme. Gallery

  3. 24th November 2016, Dr. Gagan Kukreja, Differences and similarities between internal and external audit. Gallery

  4. 23rd November 2016, Prof. Jasim AlAjmiStock market reaction to dividend announcement in Saudi Arabia. Gallery

  5. 22nd June 2016, Dr. Maria SaberiJob analysis training session with the HR directorate employees.

  6. 11th April 2016, Ms. Samya Yusuf, Writing a good Questionnaire and utilizing google forms.

  7. 29th  March 2016, Dr. Ahmed Al Hayky and Mr. Nizar NaimThe relationship between oil price and stock market index: An empirical study from Kuwait. Gallery

  8. 29th March 2016, Dr. Adel Mohammed Sarea, The impact of AAOIFI accounting standards on earnings quality:The case of Islamic banks in Bahrain. Gallery

  9. 29th March 2016, Dr. Anjum RazzaqueMedical decision making aided by physicians’ leadership: Mediated by social capital in a social networking environment. Gallery

  10. 29th March 2016, Dr. Abdullah Al-Hassan, Financial deepening. Gallery

  11. 29th March 2016, Prof. Amer Al-RoubaieEnvironmental management and sustainable development. Gallery

  12. 29th March 2016, Ms. Samya Yusuf, Semantics Knowledge Representation using Advanced Object-Oriented Techniques. Gallery

  13. 28th March 2016, Dr. Gagan KukrejaIntegrated reporting: New framework for corporate reporting. Gallery

  14. 1st March 2016, Dr. Gagan Kukreja, Professional Certifications for Accounting & Finance Graduates. Gallery

  15. 1st March 2016, Dr. Maria SaberiPreparing for your interview. Gallery

  16. 5th May 2015, Dr. Lamea AlTahoo & Dr. Anji Ben Hamed AmaraBusiness ideas and innovation – Design Thinking. Gallery

  17. 6th March 2014, Prof. Mansoor AlaaliMs. Samya Yusuf  , IT Jobs & Certifications Prepare for and choose your career. Gallery

  18. 23rd April 2013, Mrs. Anji Ben Hamed AmaraBest Idea of a New Venture competition.

  19. 22nd October 2012, Dr. Gagan KukrejaBahrain Corporate Governance Code: Implementation & Challenges.

  20. 15th May 2012, Mrs. Anji Ben Hamed AmaraBest Idea of a New Venture competition.

  21. 1oth April 2012, Prof. Amer Al-Roubaie, The World Economy in 2050 Challenges & Opportunities.

  22. 15th May 2011, Dr. Nassima DebabFamiliarize students boiling the activities, acts, financial securities, work, and field follow-up of the financial harbour.


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