Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems (BSMIS)

499 Undergraduate Project Guidelines

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

A. Knowledge and Understanding

A1. Concepts and Theories:
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to information technology.

A2. Contemporary Trends, Problems and Research:
Identify and analyze criteria and specifications appropriate to specific business related problems, and plan strategies utilized information technology for their solution, such as using information technology for strategic advantage, globally and regionally.

A3. Professional responsibility:
Operate and lead multiple project tasks with personal decisions making and responsibilities.

B. Subject-specific Skills

B1. Problem Solving:
Analyze the development process of information system activities within a business plan framework. Specify, design and construct the appropriate customer focused business information system.

B2. Modeling and design:
Design surveys, application of an advanced skill to conduct research (i.e. survey design), that address the research question.

B3. Application of methods and tools:
Use a range of software to support and enhance research undertaken.

C. Thinking Skills

C1. Analytical:
Identify, assess and determine the cause and effect of the current information system problem, such as management, security and ethical challenges and return on investment.

C2. Synthetic:
Analyze and evaluate the magnitude of the current information system problems such as usability problems using a quantitative measurement tools.

C3. Creative:
Provide creative solution to today’s dynamic business environment need through developing business/IT solutions utilizing innovative technology, as group project.

D. General and Transferable Skills

D1. Communication: Make a group presentation with class peers on one relevant subject in information technology related to the current trends in management information system.

D2. Teamwork and leadership:Be able to work effectively as a member of a development team to complete the group project.

D3. Organizational and developmental skills:
Propose a traditional business idea and work on converting it to management information technology. Ability to manage time effectively.

D4. Ethics and social responsibility:
Appreciate and apply ethical codes of conduct on the completion of the group project and establishing of IT business model, i.e. the group project.

The programme aims to prepare graduates for meeting the informational challenges of the 21st Century enterprise in the information age. The programme focuses on providing students with the required knowledge and skills in the areas of business information and information technology that prepares students to pursue a career in business in general and business information system in particular. The programme provides the student with the necessary analytical skills which will make them a competent employee in any type of organisations. The programme core skills include system analysis & design, E-commerce, managing enterprise systems, knowledge management, data base management systems, and computer systems. Additionally, other soft skills are also obtainable in this programme including communication skills, presentation skills and teamwork skills.

The first two years will focus on the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in information technology management information systems, management and finance. During the last two years of the programme the student will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge in managing information systems and the required skills at an advanced level. Towards the final year, the student has the opportunity to choose subject for their graduation project and under careful supervisor of our faculty members, the student will be given the chance to apply what they have learnt in this programme before starting their professional career. During the programme, the student has opportunity to choose elective modules which are available to enhance their academic performance and explore many business information systems.

This program achieved full confidence by QQA

The Bachelor’s  of Science degree in Management Information Systems (BSMIS) imparts core analytical skills in systems analysis & design, e-commerce, managing enterprise systems, knowledge management, database management systems and computer skills, in addition to a range of soft skills in communication and management, to enable graduates to secure a variety of entry-level MIS positions including but not limited to:

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Application Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Systems Analyst
  •  IT Development Project Leader
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Systems Developer
  • Database Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Information Systems Manager
  • IT User Liaison

Target employers are all companies and governmental units in Bahrain spanning what is known as the “IT sector.”  However, a particular sub-sector of interest to current and prospective graduates are telecommunications companies (telecoms).

  • Qualification: Bachelors in Management Information Systems
  • Type: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Qualification name: Management Information Systems
  • College: College of Business & Finance
  • Language of offering: English

Students are being taught using classic methods and latest technology by leading experts in the field of management information system. For example, Ahlia University YouTube channel include a review for Prof Mukhtar Al- Hashimi of the Business and finance research methods. The video link is made available to the students in Moodle. Other lecturers also provide their students with supporting materials and discussion through the university learning platform (Moodle).

Student’s final project’s can be added in this section. The MIS department will forward a number of final projects to be added in the website under this section and videos such as areas covering special needs students are available. At the moment the department is editing and working on a special need student in the MIS Department and is to be included in the programme page.

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Bachelor’s Degree fees

The estimated duration for completion of a Bachelors Degree at Ahlia University is 4 years. This is structured around 134 credit-hours covering 45 courses.

The duration of study for each course is fifteen weeks, covering approximately 45 study hours.

Application Fee BD 20
Registration Fee BD 200
Placement Tests Fee (if applicable) BD 40
Orientation Courses (if applicable) BD 1200
First Year Courses – 12 courses (BD 300 Per Course) BD 3,500
Second Year Courses – 11 courses (BD 330 Per Course) BD 3,630
Third Year Courses – 11 courses (BD 360 Per Course) BD 3,960
Fourth Year Courses – 11 courses (BD 390 Per Course) BD 4,290
TOTAL BD 16,840

Please note that the fees listed above do not include the cost of text books required to complete the program.

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Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold at least a recognized and endorsed secondary school certificate or equivalent.

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Academic Rules and Regulations
Academic Rules and Regulations

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Admissions are open.

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