About Library

Ms. Manayer Ali Naseeb

Director of Library and Information Resources

The Library is a key department of Ahlia University that contributes significantly to the knowledge acquisition process of both students and faculty. Library collection has a wide variety of educational and research materials of all levels of academic programmes. The Library also plays a vital role in promoting educational research.

Ahlia University has implemented a Digital Library to cater all the needs of its students and faculties. In line with the University’s strategy, we have always believed in providing the best available resources to our students and faculty members. Today the Library’s online catalogue makes its holdings accessible to users anywhere in the world.  Contrary to traditional physical libraries, we, through our digital facilities, reach out to all our patrons on their desktop within the University campus. The Library’s collections themselves reflect the profoundly democratic and all-encompassing nature of the institution.

Ahlia University Library provides access to more than 2,500,000 Electronic Journals and reference materials to 46 databases covering the disciplines of Business, Management, Information Technology, Physiotherapy, Interior Design and Public Relations. In addition to periodical collection, the information centre also provides access to more than 11,000Electronic Books across the disciplines being taught at the University. At present the Library accommodates a collection of more than 10000 conventional books across the disciplines offered by Ahlia.

All these features, taken together, make Ahlia University Library an irreplaceable tool of knowledge acquisition.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any requirement.


Manayer Naseeb
Director Library Information & Resources
Email: mnaseeb@ahlia.edu.bh
Telephone Number : 00973-17298999 Ext:8982


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