Purchasing Course Books at Ahlia Library

Ahlia University


How to Purchase a Course Book

  • Books once sold will not be exchanged or refunded. In special cases the library Department will issue a return note.
  • Present your schedule to acquire the quotation of the textbooks(s).
  • Payment is accepted only at the cashier desk of the Accounts Department.
  • In order to receive the textbooks, please present the original receipt.
  • Sponsored students need to obtain the relevant approval from the Registration Department before collecting the invoice from the circulation desk.

Online Purchase of a Course Book

  • Student must send their request for course book thru email at using only their own student account email or call library hotline – 17298982.
  • Students are required to provide the following information in their request: (Student ID,Mobile number, Student class schedule, Required course book(s).
  • The team will send official reply thru email concerning the availability of the course book(s) along with the enclosed quotation.
  • Students are urged to pay online ‘BenefitPay Fawateer service’. Once payment is confirmed with the Accounts Office, the directorate will notify the students thru call to collect their course books at the Security Area (Gate 1) which are sealed in an AU paper bags.