Library Mission

VISION The AU Library envisions a community of students and educators who thrive on research and utilize library resources to maximize their contributions to the world of academia. MISSION The library will continue to be a strategic asset for the University, providing superior research resources and extraordinary learning experiences that facilitate the attainment and advancement of knowledge. LIBRARY SERVICE OBJECTIVES The universal ethos behind Library Services is to provide services that are professionally offered to facilitate the promotion of intellectual / talent development, the stimulation of thoughts, and to meet educational and recreational needs as well as the informational requirements. The Library Services will be the main facilitator for arts, culture, humanities and sciences studies. The traditional role of library services in providing the printed word is extended today by embracing information technology, which bridges the gap between those who have access to information and those who do not. THE AU LIBRARY STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Ahlia University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and is committed to academic excellence. Faculty members serve as teachers, mentors, and scholars promoting liberal thinking that expands the mind and spirit. Activities both inside and outside the classroom, facilitated by faculty and staff, provide students with opportunities for intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth thus preparing them to be of invaluable service to their local, regional, and global communities. Therefore, members of the University community aspire to a future that is:
  • Enhanced through continuously improving academic quality.
  • Expanded through an enriched student experience sustained through financial viability.
PURPOSE The Library supports the mission of Ahlia University through working in cooperation with both faculty members and University staff to nurture and develop the student body within the university’s learning environment. The library strives to achieve this through its facilities, personnel and services, as well as the acquisition and management of relevant collections. The library seeks to fulfill the instructional and research needs of stakeholders both on-campus and off-campus.