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To be a regional leader and an outstanding international centre of excellence in education, research and professional development in Information Technology.

  • To provide high quality undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs in Information Technology.
  • To prepare highly competent professionals to be tomorrow’s leaders.
  • To provide high quality services, expertise and resources to society in the form of projects, training and consultation.
  • To conduct innovative computing research that advances the frontiers of knowledge and applied state-of-the art-solutions to local problems
Our Goals are:
  • To provide high quality educational programs that offer lifelong learning in developing and managing computational processes and systems, with emphasis on multimedia computing and information systems and technology.
  • To periodically revise the programs offered by the college to meet the current international standards and to satisfy the market needs.
  • To provide a student-centered integrated educational environment.
  • To continuously build and modernize college infrastructure including computing facilities and laboratories.
  • To attract highly qualified, motivated and greatly committed faculty.
  • To attract and nurture qualified undergraduate and graduate students.
  • To prepare competent qualified graduates in the areas of Information Technology.
  • To create and encourage partnership with industry, government, local / international institutions and alumni.
  • To encourage faculty to indulge in research activities that serve and sustain local and regional economic development.
  • To motivate students to be sensitive to issues such as ethics, social responsibilities and environmental protection.