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Dr. Wasan Shakir Awad

Associate Professor
Dean of the College of Information Technology / MITCS Coordinator

Contact Information

  • Dr. Wasan Awad is ABET coordinator for IT programs and she led the team in order to develop IT programs as per guidelines of international standards such as ABET.
  • Has 22 years undergraduates and postgraduate teaching experience in computer science and information systems.
  • Has supervision experience with supervising more than 50 postgraduate students.
  • Has published research papers in different fields of computer science and IT in a number of international journals and conferences.
  • Was awarded prize for the best paper presented number of conferences.


Wasan Shakir is an Associate Professor and Dean of Information Technology College. She is holding BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees in Computer Science.  Dr. Wasan joined the University of Bahrain in September 2002 as Assistant Professor of Computer Science and in 2012 she was promoted to Associative Professor of Computer Science. She joined Ahlia University in September 2014 as Associative Professor of Computer Science.

She has very good experience in problem solving and algorithm design, computer programming, information systems development and software engineering, most computer applications, research and development in computational intelligence, coding theory, and information security. Furthermore, she has good experience in preparing academic programs, scientific and project planning and administration. Dr. Wasan has good experience in academic programs QA and accreditation such as ABET. She worked as ABET coordinator for IT programs in University of Bahrain and Ahlia University.

Dr. Wasan has published papers in different fields of computer science and IT in a number of international journals and conferences. She also serves as a member of the editorial boards in a number of international journals and conferences.

She served Bahrain Community by, for example, publishing a number of articles in the newspapers, delivering a number of training courses, developing and improving academic programs of other universities, being a consultant for ministry of social development, being NQF validator and program reviewer and chairing sessions in a number of Bahraini conferences.

Dr. Wasan is a member of a number of Scientific and Professional Societies, such as, IEEE, ACM, Machine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR Labs), and Internet Society.

Teaching Areas

  • Theory of Computer Science
  • Complexity Theory
  • Genetic Algorithms and Programming
  • Advanced Algorithms Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Cryptography and Computer Security
  • AI
  • BI
  • OO methodology
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Data Structure
  • Computation Theory
  • Algorithms Analysis and Design
  • Windows Programming
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Introduction To Computer Programming and Pascal
  • Visual Basic Language
  • C++ Programming Language
  • Management Information Systems
  • Database
  • Information Systems Design And Implementation
  • Object-Oriented Systems
  • Information Security
  • Computer Architecture
  • Knowledge Based Systems
  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Web-Based Information Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • JAVA programming

Research Areas

  • Computational intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Problem solving and algorithm design
  • Information security and cryptography
  • Coding theory

Faculty Research

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Improving the Security of Storage Systems: Bahrain Case Study

Wasan Shaker Awad, Hanin Mohammed Abdullah

A framework of Improving Security Using Cloud Computing: Bahrain Case Study

Wasan Awad

Ant colony inspired method for reducing load imbalance in multiprocessor systems

Ahmed, Khalifa, El-Alfy, El-Sayed M., Awad, Wasan S.

A multi-matching approximation algorithm for Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem

Hussain Mirza, Wasan Shaker Awad, El-Sayed M. El-Alfy

Text Classification of English News Articles Using Graph Mining Techniques

Hasan Hameed, Wasan Shaker Awad

Attributed-Based Label Propagation Method for Balanced Modularity and Homogeneity Community Detection

Jenan Moosa, Wasan Shaker Awad, Tatiana Kalganova

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