5th Annual Research Forum – Talks

Ahlia University

Day One

  • Dr. Maria del Mar de Fez – The Fifth Annual Research Forum click to view
  • Mr. Ali Al Najjar & Ms. Amani AlAaali – A story to be told: Nostalgia in Design click to view
  • Dr. Reda Amin – Bahraini Audience Dependence on News Published by Newspaper Accounts on Social Media click to view
  • Dr. Mohamed Hasan – Paradox in Teaching and Learning click to view
  • Prof. Ismail Noori –  حول الفهم الشعبي للتاريخ click to view
  • Dr. Said Elhajjar – Learning Statistics: Tradition vs Technology click to view
  • Dr. Dalia Kamal & Dr. Sayed A Tantawy – Common musculoskeletal problems in women: a case study of postnatal period click to view
  • Dr. Pocholo B Trinidad – A study protocol: Managing A Community-Based Rehabilitation In Physical Therapy Academic Programs In The Philippines click to view
  • Dr. Redha Dashti – The Effects of Headphone Usage on Postural Stabilities in Young Adults click to view
  • Prof. Amer Al Roubaie – Knowledge for Sustainable Development click to view
  • Dr. Maitland Hyslop – The Importance of Knowledge in Societal Development: Challenges to Knowledge Development click to view
  • Dr. Tilal Eldabi – 21st Century Researcher click to view
  • Salman Ali Shehab – Enhancing Environmental Sustainability of Healthcare Facilities: Challenges and Opporotunities click to view

Day Two

  • Dr. Hossam Elhamy – Narrativity of social media, A Narrative study of ”Facebook” texts click to view
  • Ms. Amina Buallay – Corporate Governance and Firm Performance – Evidence from Saudi Arabia click to view
  • Dr. Anjum Razzaque – Tackling Obesity by Diet Quality, Technology and Social Networks click to view
  • Dr. Mahmood Saeed Alalawi – Impact of Website Quality on Trust: An empirical assessment in Higher Education Sector click to view
  • Dr. Gagan Kukreja – Strategic and Governance Failure: A Case of British Home Stores click to view
  • Ms. Maram Al Maskati – Investigating the relationship between Corporate Governance and Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Bahrain Bourse click to view
  • Ms. Mariam Al Qanea – The impact of board indecency on Islamic bank performance in the GCC click to view
  • Ms. Noor Alhuda – Exploring Non-Governmental Organizations Performance Management: Bahrain Athletics Association as a Case Study click to view
  • Prof. Mukhtar Al-Hashimi – Smartphone Addiction among Teenagers click to view
  • Prof. Shamsa & Ms. Tasneem Al Haddad – Tax as a Community Tool to Reduce & Control Environmental Pollution click to view
  • Ms. Sara Abdulghani & Ms. Reem Janahi – The Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on the GDB Growth of Bahrain click to view
  • Dr. Ahmed Jedidi – Trust History-based Routing Algorithm to Improve Efficiency and Security in Wireless Sensor Network click to view
  • Dr. Ahmed J. Jameel – PAPR Reduction of Localized Single Carrier FDMA USING PTS in LTE Systems click to view
  • Dr. Karim Hadjar – New Approach for Scheduling tasks and / or jobs in Big Data Cluster click to view
  • Dr. Fatema AlAaali & Dr, Hanan Naser – Gold Prices, Oil Prices and US Stock Market Indices: Volatility Transmissions and Hedging Strategies Using VAR-GARCH click to view
  • Dr. Maria del Mar de Fez – The Fifth Annual Research Forum ” Vote Of Thanks ” click to view