Ahlia University


Ahlia International Student Handbook

This handbook contains important information and general advice and guidance useful to international students coming to study at Ahlia University.

Ahlia Study Abroad & Exchange Guide

This brochure is for prospective study abroad and exchange international students that are looking to spend one or more semesters as non-degree students at Ahlia University.

Guidelines for Undergraduate Projects XXXX 499

This document contains the complete guidelines for the supervision of Undergraduate Projects (XXXX 499).

Guidelines for the Supervision of Master's Degree Dissertations

These guidelines are intended to provide standards of good practice for writing, supervising and examining Master’s Degree dissertations. The aim is to ensure uniformity of approach for staff and students across Ahlia University.

Ahlia Undergraduate Prospectus

This prospectus is a very useful publication containing information on Ahlia University and its different programmes. The prospectus also includes useful information on admission and registration.

Ahlia Postgraduate Prospectus

This publication provides students with information about the various postgraduate programmes.

Study Abroad & Exchange Application Packet

The application packet contains the forms that need to filled out by outgoing study abroad and exchange students. Ahlia students interested in going on study abroad and exchange will need to submit this packet, complete with signatures, to the Directorate of International Relations as part of their exchange application process.

Ahlia University Information Sheet (Study Abroad & Exchange Programme)

This summarized and succinct information sheet contains important tips, deadlines, and contact information for prospective international students and partner institutions.

Ahlia Undergraduate Application Form

Take the first step towards your global ambitions by applying to become an Ahlia student! Fill out the following application form and pass it on to our admissions team to begin your application.

Ahlia Postgraduate Application Form

Students that are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree at Ahlia University can begin the application process by filling out this application form and passing it to our admissions team.

ADREG User Manual

The manual contains instructions for new students on how to use and navigate the Ahlia online student information system.

Study Abroad & Exchange Presentation

This presentation was created for Ahlia University students that are interested in spending one or more semesters abroad as part of a student exchange programme, and answers some important questions like “Why Study Abroad?” and “How Does It Work?”.

Ahlia Academic Calendar

The Ahlia Academic Calendar is useful to all Ahlia students, and contains dates covering beginning of semester, end of semester, final exams, and public holidays, among others.

Student Handbook

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Ahlia University, a step into your global future! Inspired by the values of our founding president, Ahlia provides for you not just a university education but opportunities for personal as well as academic growth.