5th Annual Research Forum – Posters

Ahlia University
  • Dr. Abdulmuttaleb M.A Musleh – Measuring the Level of Online Financial Disclosure in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries Click to view
  • Ms. Fatema Al Dhaen – Integrating Audio-visual Techniques as Part of Teaching and Learning Click to view
  • Dr. Sherine Badawi – Cross-Functional Teams and its Effect on the Organizational Effectiveness Click to view
  • Dr Sameh M. Reda Reyad – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Earnings Quality(EQ) Click to view
  • Abdalmuttaleb M.A. Musleh Al-Sartawi, Fatema Alrawahi, Zakeya Sanad – The Corporate Governance and the Level of Compliance with International Accounting Standards (IAS-1): Evidence from the Bahrain Bourse Click to view
  • Ms. Amal Abdulla AlQooti – The Impact of Public Governance in the Implementation of National Audit Office’s Recommendations Click to view
  • Dr. Picholo & team – A Study Protocol: Managing Community-Based Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy Academic Programs in the Philippines Click to view
  • Ms. Huda Alhalwaki – Assessing the Impact of Implementing Internationalization Strategy on the Higher Education Institutions: Evidence From Bahrain Click to view
  • Mr. Hussain AlQallaf – Evaluating Adoption of Integrated Reporting Capitals Among listed Bahraini banks Click to view
  • Ms. Manal Mohammed Saif – Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Parliamentary Employees’ Performance in the Kingdom of Bahrain Click to view
  • Ms. Maryam Hasan Al-Nasser – Investigating the Relationship between Public Governance and the Quality of Services in Public Institutions and Ministries Click to view
  • Mr. Nader AlKhater – An Empirical Study of Human Resources Management Practices in Domestic and Multinational Enterprises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Click to view
  • Ms. Amani A. Karim Al Abbas – The Impact of Using Neuromarketing Tools in Advertisement Targeting Children: Intended and Unintended Effects Click to view 
  • Ms. Sajeda Hasan S. Ali – Factors Influencing Travelers’ Buying Behavior: A Case Study at Bahrain Duty Free Click to view
  • Mr. Salek Muyeen Akbar – Anti-Money Laundering Measures at Bahrain Financing Company Click to view